Must watch! John Yull – 3 years

Wow this is incredible! So many new variations on the foot jam decade in this one! John has been working hard on this edit to celebrate 3 years back in saddle after quitting for 15 years! Why oh why did you quit John! This is flatland! Much respect John! Somebody from Austin buy that man a beer for me right now!

35 thoughts on “Must watch! John Yull – 3 years

  1. I told John he has taken away my excuse to not start learning brakeless decades with his last windshield wiper decade. He simply replied my job is done! Great job John!

  2. a corker of a video. short snappy tricks really do it for me and this video reinvents some older tricks in a rad new style. the decade back and forth brakeless at the end is increcible. great video and good to see john still has lots to give in flatland.

  3. This was so fun to watch. Great riding John. You’re an inspiration to not only old dudes like myself about apparently to the younger generation too.

  4. Hells yeah! I think it was great that you hung on to all that great footage to put out a Full video part that surprised ALL of us! I’ve seen you put out an occasional progression clip that was really cool. But I was not prepared to see all this, super stoked! Thanks John.

  5. I bought the man a 12 pack of beer E. I don’t remember seeing him do any Decades during tonight’s session, he’s already working on new stuff.

    • @Tod I just saw the photo on facebook! Great to see such a good response, I haven’t watched a flatland video on repeat for quite some time. This was fresh! And in terms of an edit, wasnt that bad John! imovie seems ok to me, we are riders not film makers after all.

  6. John this was the best possible way to have started my day (and with potatoes and egg’s at the same time I will mention!).

    Im SO happy to see someone do the breakless windshield wiper. That was always one of my favorite bangers. And the way you are snapping those back wheel stalls into pivots before throwin down the hammer just shouts ‘STYLE STYLE STYLE’!!!

    Really happy to see this πŸ™‚

    PS – The way you work the bars to do x-up’s and such in the middle of all of that is not missed by me….tech!!!

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