Must Watch! John Yull – Brakeless Backwards Decade

John Yull is inspiration to us all, a brakeless backwards decade is no joke and up until today has never been seen. Here is what John had to say:

“When I started riding again in 2009 after quitting for around 15 years this was the first trick that I thought of that I wanted to re learn but brakeless. I quickly learned that it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Getting to a position where I could footjam seemed impossible. When I designed my frame I did it around this trick & the smith jam was practice for this trick. I was beginning to think it would never happen but I continued to chip away at it piece by piece. The last few weeks I’ve pushed hard & taken several slams that should have made me stop but I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. So here it is!!! Push yourself and don’t give up!!!”

21 thoughts on “Must Watch! John Yull – Brakeless Backwards Decade

  1. F’in sick! Thank you Mr. Yull for the motivation-my goal is to just hit a regular double at 49 – gonna kill myself or die trying til I get it!
    Just wondering, has anyone ever done a double backwards? (Obviously with brakes!)

  2. Awesome once again! This is the beauty of BMX for me: you set a goal and you determine what you’re prepared to pay, which effort and pain you’re willing to put in to reach that goal. And you get the reward at the end. Either going baby steps like most of us or giant leaps like John. We’ve only seen one slam in this clip, I’m sure there were many more. That one slam alone would be enough for most of us to look for another goal. Apparently not going to make John stop pursuing his goal.
    Not sure if all that made sense… All I can say: I love BMX!

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