Must Watch! Neon Media presents Essence!

Let’s throwback to 2003! Neon Media produced this awesome video entitled “Essence”. This era was a really progressive time for flatland. And a lot of times videos like this were the first time you saw the tricks some of these guys are doing. It’s fun to look back now and see how these riders styles and tricks have developed over the years. Go watch this, open your mind, maybe you’ll get some idea for something new for you to do today at your riding spot! Either way its a must watch!
Riders include James Kennedy (Cowboy squeak to halfpacker at 2:18), Gabe Kadmiri, Anthony Durbano, Erin Donato, Terry Adams, Ron Monis, Mickey Gaidos, Dave Petrin, Stephen Hearn, a young Terry Adams right as he was starting to blow up on the international contest scene, and Matt Wilhelm gets the final section.

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