Mysterious Flatland Contest 1995

Snakebite BMX just uploaded some amazing footage form the archives, this one brought back memories! The Mysterious flatland contest in 1995, FT Dave Nourie, Takisa Yomita, Dave Hanson, Hedge Katerson, Nikola Olic, Jesse Puente, Gabe Weed, Sean McKinney, Nate Hanson, Day Smith, and many more. This section was captured from 20 Inch video magazine #6.

2 thoughts on “Mysterious Flatland Contest 1995

  1. Scuffing, barflips and heavy bikes…. 90s flatland! Memories… That backwards cross foot tea kettle to hitchhiker from Jesse was so wild… Wow. Thanks for that E and snake bite BMX.

    • Yes agree Giannis, the backwards teakettle to hitch stood out to me too from Jesse! So ahead of theme, great footage from the archives. Thanks Jffe for the heads up, not watched this in years.

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