Episode 68: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Bryan Huffman


The clips keep on coming in, and today it’s time for Bryan Huffman’s second exclusive!
Bryan is what I like to call a flatland lifer, out of Winston Salem, North Carolina over in the USA. Bryan comes through with one of his signature moves, the Huffpacker.
A halfpacker where he drops the back wheel down on the ground, and pumps a few circles for good measure.
Bryan has been doing this move for a long time, much respect Bryan.
Thanks for contributing, whose got episode 69? Dropping Wednesday…

One thought on “Episode 68: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Bryan Huffman

  1. Hell YEEEESSS , Brian ! Always loved this and your signature one legged / pumping , spinning lard yard variation …….. I’ve wrestled with NORMAL half packers since June of 1994 , haha…..and I’m talking the 80s most basic way to get in and out of it……an elephant glide , haha ! To be able to pump , revert / slide the rear wheel , all stylish…. whilst in the half packer is too rad , Brian . Stoked ya threw down this line for # 68 ! Hope you SLLAAAMMM DOWN another one , campeon !

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