Episode 69: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Pete Brandt


What’s up everybody?
Flatland lifer, SF flatland legend, Pete Brandt comes through with a belter of back wheel line for episode 69. At the age of 50, the flatland assassin, Pete B shows no sign of slowing down and I love the detail in this line.
Pete locks into four spins, after the opening shove-it switch foot mega spins, and holds a similar amount of revolutions on the no handed straddle time machine, hook spin, Adam Kun signature spin (no handed spinning lawn?), and no handed blender and stamps this with that Pete B finesse and aggressive we have all come to love.
This clip got me hyped, filmed by skater homie Chris Dunn, and a cameo from Larry Redmon holla’ing “We out here!!!”. SF represent to the fullest, missing the Clocktower vibes….

It’s time to go ride!!!

Thanks to Pete for throwing down for ep.69 (his second exclusive), whose got episode 70? Get at me, the American riders have stepped up big time for these exclusives. Anyone else notice that??!!!

10 thoughts on “Episode 69: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Pete Brandt

  1. Awesome Pete! I always get so stoked watching you ride. Don’t know if you remember me but this is Richard that lives out in Modesto. Been riding on and off since 1996 and we’ve riden together a few times over the years mostly at times when Mutt would invite me out but I don’t think you and I actually ever talked one on one much.

    Anyways, I haven’t rode with anyone in like 15 years but would love to again sometime, could use the extra motivation. Been riding hard again almost daily now for the last three and trying to cover lost time. Maybe I’ll drive out to the clock tower one of these days!

    Awesome clip Pete, keep it up!

  2. BOOM!!! OH HELL YESSS!!!! Now I’m officially over pumped for the day and more to come. Someone seriously needs to make shirts with WWPBD? on them! What Would Pete Brandt Do? You’re out there riding flat, pushing but getting hung up on some whack details, just ask yourself, “What would Pete Brandt do?” An answer WILL come, and shredding WILL commence. Very well composed backwheel mayhem stomped down with serious OG status. So sick! Huge props! Can wait to get on my bike. Thanks Pete and E as always!

    • Could you imagine if BOTH of yall did a lil edit together ,a couple combos each ?! ( hint , hint ….haha ) THAT would include some fast , technical , flowing , furious , aggro , whirl wind style, bike riding , Matt / Pete !! I’d bet EVERYONE would dig THAT………

  3. Can’t wait to get on my bike* Type error. Still stupidly pumped though! Like take a day off work, not give a shit about the lost funds and just go ride kinda pumped! Fuck yeah Pete! Living legend to the fullest.

  4. WOW I’m 52 and still ride (80’s style) I was featured in Freestylin’ Magazine getting 12 foot airs in the 80’s on a standard 8 foot yet portable ramp that I designed and built. It was a contest and I was practicing when they arrived and all I was doing is standard 8 foot airs to warm up. I’ll never forget my youth blazing trails in the BMX Freestylin’

  5. THE man who RE-UPED the exclusives for this site !! Banging combo from the cat whose created , innovated , and progressed the sport since 1989 ! Mad respect , bruv ……….this exclusive combo and being a true O.G. BMX Flatland RIPPER for MANY moons…….even after a long hiatus , is the exact reason WHY there’s a STILL a photo ( bar spin , one handed junk yard ) on my wall ……..to THIS day , of Mr. Brandt . I hung that photo up July 1990 , met him in February of 2017 , and STILL bug out on his relentless personal progression , pushing the sport forward to THIS day . As E stated …….Pete IS a BMX Flatland animal ! Really loving just HOW he flowed all these variations into one HAMMER style link . Power , aggression , and steeeeeeezzzzzzz for DAYS , TIMES 7………

  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words and support!! I hope everyone is safe and we all get a chance to ride together soon. Thanks Flatmatters for always bein down and continuing to help keep flatland seen!!

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