2 thoughts on “Naoto Tamaru wins Arkleague in Yokohama!

  1. Thank you , Effraim for the update and again …you , jro . I know I sound like an annoying loud , broken record , ha…but I really do appreciate you sharing the video links that you share . These are the types of videos that I will spend hours looking for , combing the net…….NAOTO TAMARU winning this is SLLLAMMMMED . Stoked on that. I still remember him just fully going for it during the entire 2017 Flatland Voodoo Jam . He didn’t play it ” safe ” AT ALL . He was in his own zone / mindset and every single rider in the venue was pulling for him every single combo . He did this exact same thing @ Bike Days in Switzerland in 2015 , I believe….plus his last Jeep Real Games entry from I think 2021 ruled as well…….that dude is a warrior when it’s contest time……..

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