One thought on “Yu Katagiri qualifies 1st at Arkleague

  1. You’re on it , E ! Thank you for another important update. Damn …….already Ark League time ?! I love this contest and still watch the one from 2019. NAOTO TAMURA , high in placing . Stoked on that . Heavy hittaz in the results . Yu on a 360 rocket to rocket rampage … START a line. Takmui Isogai, a total ripper with some seriously fast , tech and longer combos than most riders . He SLLLLAMMMMS hard at EVERY contest I’ve seen him ride in ….and seems to deserve higher placings …I’m still stoked he got top ten here. Takato Moriya is a killa ,also on the bike . As ya stated , Effraim………I too can not wait to see videos of this and am really hoping for a live stream video……

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