Nick Watts: April 30th 2020

The 360 body varial gerator brings back memories in this latest update from the incredible Nick Watts! I don’t normally do call-outs on descriptions but…. I would love to see that 360 body varial direct to smith Nick? On one of those last clips that looks to me where he is going with it?

8 thoughts on “Nick Watts: April 30th 2020

  1. Nice. I always appreciate a little footage of the grind that goes into learning the trick that they eventually pull. It’s motivational for me. Good stuff Nic. Like the 80s tune, too.

  2. Thanks for the idea Effraim! Yeah it was kind of what I was going for but the body varial just wasn’t happening for me that day as you could see..hahaha. Will give it another shot for sure! Cheers Nick

  3. I could watch Nicks SPEED of light ,FREESTYLED combos all day !! Friggin front TO back wheel and vice versa , its SO cool , bruv . Makes him stand apart and catches the eye IMMEDIATLY ! That QUICK spastic rocket switch to ice cream , turbine / bar flip rope @ 22 SECONDS , just SLLLAAAAMMZZ ……..SO much FREESTYLED flow and Watts STILL comes through with the NEW gems……….rope BODY varial to gerator …ON POINT , and was executed well ! Always stoked when ya drop some of your flava online, bruv ! NEVER change your riding style ….it RULES , and is rad to take in……….well……AFTER you watch your lines , like 8 TIMES , haha…….cause ya ride so damn FAST ! Haha………..and your section in L.E. 3…….was DOPE , TIMES 7 , STILL taking that one in after all these months ……..

    • What can I say but thanks so much Rodney! Your enthuisatically thoughtful and concise analysis always makes me happy man! It gives me that little push to want to keep on progressing and for that I thank you!

  4. Always great riding.
    This is a great soundtrack.
    Having said that – I was checking out archival @flatBible earlier today.
    All I heard in my head while watching this edit was Transformers sound effects.

  5. Always a big fan of your riding, bro!
    Nice to see you bustin’ some new links.
    So, when things gets back to normal (or new normal) are we gonna see you entering FISE? 🙂

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