Mat Hoffman`s CFB – Woodward, 2001

Here’s another good one from the archives, and if you love BMX in all forms you can just leave this one running. As I recall this was a TV show that aired in the states. The Mat Hoffman CFB at Woodward, PA 2001, the flatland contest starts at 14:50. Leigh Ramsdell on host duties, featuring the likes of Stephan Cerra, Nathan Penonzek, Viki Gomez, Matt Wilhelm, Scott Powell, Aaron Frost, Jeff Desroche, and Brian Tunney!

One thought on “Mat Hoffman`s CFB – Woodward, 2001

  1. In my 2019 flatBible acceptance speech, I referenced the segment at 17:30 as the inflection point of my career. However, in my excitement I mistakenly wrote “BSD” instead of “CFB.”

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