Mat Hoffman`s CFB – Woodward, 2001

Here’s another good one from the archives, and if you love BMX in all forms you can just leave this one running. As I recall this was a TV show that aired in the states. The Mat Hoffman CFB at Woodward, PA 2001, the flatland contest starts at 14:50. Leigh Ramsdell on host duties, featuring the likes of Stephan Cerra, Nathan Penonzek, Viki Gomez, Matt Wilhelm, Scott Powell, Aaron Frost, Jeff Desroche, and Brian Tunney!

Louisville X Trials Qualifying runs Part 1

Lets kick off Tuesday posts, with some great uploads from the archives today by flatland4lifelives. Louisville X Trials 2001 and here are some the qualifying runs from Matt Wilhelm, yours truly, Leif Valin, and Stephan Cerra! So stoked to see these runs this morning. More to follow…