5 thoughts on “Nocna Zmiana Number 2 – PRL BMX

  1. “what are to up and down sides of these huge street bars you see alot lately?”

    Hey Dennis! This is a good question. I think I have a good answer for you.

    I have had narrow bars with close to 0ΒΊ offest for years.
    I just recently bought S&M intrikat bars with 9″ high 26″ wide tall cross bar.
    I thought the big bars would help nose manuals.
    What i found though, was that the high cross bar was really tough to step over, the wide bars kept hitting my legs on bar spins, and the wideness (26″ wide) made my arms further apart which made boomerangs tougher. (harder to hold my weight with my arms so far apart)
    So my take on the matter is the narrower, flatland specific (ares aristic bars for example) are easier to manuver around, less strain on my arms and back and less difference between having your bars forwards or backwards.

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