OG Flatland BMX Session – Austin, Texas

OG Flatland BMX Session from JMK Pictures on Vimeo.

A couple of thoughts passed through my head watching this well produced OG Flatland session this morning that I feel like I have to share. Number 1, my apologises to Jim McKay missing this the first time round. Number 2, if you are blessed enough to have an amazing scene like this.
I mean this looks like an average session without calling anyone, take advantage of this, hold jams and get togethers and grow the scene. Good riding from Ed Jodie, Ruben Castillo, Chris Anderson, Kenny Boucher, Bobby Burge, and Julio Cotto not to mention the quality of videography is really good with a nice tune to boot. Don’t sleep on this one.

8 thoughts on “OG Flatland BMX Session – Austin, Texas

  1. Best edit i’ve seen in a minute! locals, sharing a spot and gracing it with the their distinct styles, Above all else, just jealous i don’t have a similar crew

    • Thanks man! It’s honestly so rare that I get a nice Saturday to join these guys…was a treat to film some of this amazing scene.

  2. It makes brings back memories of how lucky I was, that I had anywhere between 3, sometimes 10 riders come to my spot. I didn’t have to leave home,& people came there because I had ramps, so it was more of areason for them to ride there. But moving right along.

  3. THIS sh-t RIPS ! Thanks Jim / all the homies . Boucher BACK ruling , WHAAAAT ?! King Bobby Burge in the mix along with everyone , really missing riding @ the O.G.garage . Havent been out there since July 2016 for Randall Edwards benefit bmx event …………Ive been sitting on some dope footage of Bobby for like 3 months , haha. Gotta get that online a.s.a.p. , respect to the A.T.X. crew / S.A. Flat Crew ! Julio Cotto with the switch turbined rockets , kickless , Stoked on THAT too . Such a good edit / song combo !

  4. What a strong scene they have in Texas!Reminds me of Creece EONS ago…That garage in Austin also i want to ride it sooooo much!Peace to all riders there.R-dog rules!

  5. Its cool to see there are still places in the US with Big flatland scenes…Up until a few years ago we had mini jams in the Lancaster, pa are with 10 to 15 people most evenings and then it just faded away…Keep on Riding guys!!!!

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