OG Flatland BMX Session – Austin, Texas

OG Flatland BMX Session from JMK Pictures on Vimeo.

A couple of thoughts passed through my head watching this well produced OG Flatland session this morning that I feel like I have to share. Number 1, my apologises to Jim McKay missing this the first time round. Number 2, if you are blessed enough to have an amazing scene like this.
I mean this looks like an average session without calling anyone, take advantage of this, hold jams and get togethers and grow the scene. Good riding from Ed Jodie, Ruben Castillo, Chris Anderson, Kenny Boucher, Bobby Burge, and Julio Cotto not to mention the quality of videography is really good with a nice tune to boot. Don’t sleep on this one.

Hoffman BS Contest 1992 – Dallas, Texas

Plenty of good footage from the archives, and particularly out of khelagger! Whoever you are, thank you for the regular uploads. Today we have some great footage from the Dallas Hoffman Bicycle Stunt contest in 1992 that took place at the Jeff Phillips Skatepark. Featuring great riding from the likes of Mark Hilson, Andrew Arroyo, Dennis McCoy, Chase Gouin, Bill Nitschke, Steve Roy, Jesse Puente.

James McGraw wins AFA Round 3 in Houston, Texas

Photo: Todd Carter.

Congratulations to James McGraw taking the win yesterday at the AFA contest in Houston, Texas followed on the podium by Will Redd and Art Thomason. Full results below!


1- James McGraw
2- Will Redd
3- Art Thomason
4- Dax Wolford
5- Bryan Huffman
6- Diego Tejada
7- Rodney Williams
8- Nikola Olic
9- Todd Carter
10- Rueben castillo
11- Eazy Chris Anderson


1- Bobby Burge
2- Rennace Tomako
3- Kelly Baldwin
4- Mitchell Hall
5- Brandon Woldridge
6- Ed Jolie
7- Michael Shao
8- Jeremy Jones
9- Marty Clark
10- Cesar Rangel
11- Matthew Hartley
12- Julio Cotto

Old School.

1- Bill Nitschke
2- Dave Nourie
3- Gary Knecth
4- Greg Griffin
5- Robert Castillo
6- Marty Ferryman
7- Blaine Smith
8- Andy Guerrero
9- Brad Wright
10- Damon Sampy
11- Danny Harrison
12- Randall Evans
13- Tony Chilidog Carruth


1- Adrian Sanchez
2- Leslie Hall
3- Roberto Reyes
4- Jimmy Sanchez
5- Joe Montgomery
6- Garrett Coufal
7- Pat Carson
8- Adam Ortiz
9- Ava McGraw
10- Pedro Rodriguez
11- Coda McGraw

May 4th Be With You!


Here’s one for you Star Wars nerds out there! With it being May 4th (May the 4th be with you), ESPN BMX dropped a photogallery by Sandy Carson featuring Brian Tunney a Storm Trooper getting some riding time in on his BMX bike during some down time, in Austin, Texas! Hit the link below.


Rodney Williams – Freakstyle Sessions in San Antonio, Texas

Rodney Williams is a combo machine, and last weekend at the Freakstyle Sessions in San Antonio, Texas saw Rodney drop a 5 minute combo and earn second place in the contest behind Will Redd. Amazing skill and concentration to pull a combo for that long with so many nice switches. Hell yes Rodney!