Old School Sundays – A Lesson in Aggression

A Lesson in Aggression from Jake Umberger on Vimeo.

Perfect Sunday viewing! Sit down with a cuppa and definitely watch a great video from the early 90’s by Craig LePage. Cutting edge riding for the time from Ed Lenander, Craig LePage, Chase Gouin, Mark Eaton, Jay Jones, Tyson Godfrey, Sean Leslie, Mike Schmed, Mark Teo, Al Teo, Jeff Crawn, Scott Santamaria, Matt Hoffman, Ed McFarland, Gerry Smith, Kevin Jones, Jim Dellavalle, Bill Neumann, Joe Johnson, Ross Smith, Todd Anderson, Dave Volker, Joel Alamo, Oli Matthews, and Europe’s Finest from the Trier Worlds! Thanks to both Jake Umberger and Jffe for sending this in! Don’t sleep on this!

7 thoughts on “Old School Sundays – A Lesson in Aggression

    • Lot of good sections, Chase, Kevin, Craig LePage, Scott SantaMaria (first guy I saw doing pedal stuff) loved the style of Mark Teo’s/Jay Jones riding around this era! So much good stuff in this edit, loved the forward rope xft backwards wheelie decade out at 2:41 by Mike Schmed is dope too!

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