Old School Sundays: AFA Masters Austin Texas 1987

The opening Kevin Jones footage is legendary in this compilation from the 1987 AFA Masters, also featuring the likes of Chris Lashua, Dennis McCoy, Maurice Meyer, Dave Nourie, pure old school vibes….

3 thoughts on “Old School Sundays: AFA Masters Austin Texas 1987

  1. MUST WATCH ! Hadn’t seen this footage and I’m honestly floored . There’s some rad stuff in here ,actually ALL of it that STANDS UP today in 2023 . Thank you , Effraim . This was a real treat and very humbling to watch . I’d be stoked to be able to do ALOT of these tricks , lines……TODAY………. A . F. A !!

  2. DMC’s run was a work of art.

    There were also a couple of pros competing who I thought had long retired before this time; Meyer and Sigur.

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