Matti Hemmings: Velodrome Session

The current UK Flatland Champion Matti Hemmings, comes through with almost 12 minutes of footage in what looks like one session. Matti is dialled and has a big bag of tricks, lots to take in here. Love the Karl on the fork locked in at the 5:29 mark, its a good day for edits on Flatmattersonline!

4 thoughts on “Matti Hemmings: Velodrome Session

  1. MUST WATCH in my opinion considering that it’s appears that this was just a casual riding session for him. ( high level ! ) Watching this with Hemming lacing up LONGER lines( ya KNOW THAT STOKES ME ! ) and his no footed , one handed -bar small crack packer , effortless coat hangers , back packer turbines , the jugglers ,etc , etc ,etc, …..Matti is getting it SLLLAAAAAMMMED on his bike ,throughout the entire session edit . Loving his flow and bicycle ” Tango ” riding style. Another sick edit …..I really appreciate this one , E !

  2. Really impressive, so many different tricks and concept. And long combos! The no hand backpacker turbines (9:25) is crazy! Never seen this before. Props Matti!

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