Old School Sundays: Episode 1 / RL Osborn & Patrick Trantham Live Q&A

Many of you will know that RL Osborn is back on the flatland scene, and just started his own youtube channel where he is posting a bunch of cool stuff and answering fans questions. If you are an Old School fan, peep this live Q&A where RL talks about his Redline, Genereal, Bully days, why he quit riding (which is actually really straight up!), talk to of building his own signature frame again, and he shows love to the new school flatland. Good stuff right here!

3 thoughts on “Old School Sundays: Episode 1 / RL Osborn & Patrick Trantham Live Q&A

  1. RL was a true pioneer of the sport, it’s good to see him back in the fold again. and how nice to see he’s as humble & friendly now as he was back then. really good to see him riding again at age 57 no less! truly inspirational, you’re never too old to ride a bike…

  2. This was very enjoyable to listen to especially being an old school rider who’s 48 years old. I rode an RL20. It was the last thing my dad purchased for me before he passed. I still have the frame. RL Osborn, DMC, Martin, etc. influenced many of us to stay clean, stay on the right side of the law, and simply enjoy riding.

    Thank you R.L.

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