Must Watch: James White / Bring the Terror

Time and time again, James White is bang on the money. And once again, hits the jackpot right here with this amazing “Bring the Terror edit”. Bringing back child hood memories with the UK hip hip group, “Hijack”, not only quality riding that you come to expect from Whiteski, but also really good editing, and camerawork that enhances the riding clips.
James’ riding is “on point” like always, and in this edit he furthers the concepts he displayed in his last full edit “eye of the tiger” in 2019.
If I had to pick a standout clip, it would be the stalled switch foot lawnmower to undertaker out at 00:45, wow!
Let’s discuss this one in the comments section….

16 thoughts on “Must Watch: James White / Bring the Terror

  1. Ummm…from my admittedly limited perspective, that actually seemed far more creative than all the top 10 MOC clips. Mind you, I understand most of them are pacing themselves, knowing future rounds will be more difficult.

  2. Hard style, Art style : such a subtlety in this.
    That’s not action sport but art sport.
    Hats off to you, sir

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