Old School Sundays with Brian Hobson!

Brian Hobson, Masters class – KOF – April 1990 from kchapman on Vimeo.

During my ‘zine making days following the New England scene via Radazine was a treat! Check this no touch from Brian Hobson from the King of Flatland contest, April 1990, smooth as glass style! Thanks to Drew Henderson, sending this weeks OSS in!

6 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Brian Hobson!

  1. Brian kick ass back in the KOF days, too bad he doesn’t ride anymore. He’s been MIA for many years.

  2. Damn that was smooth. He looked like he wasn’t even trying!! That run would still be good if done today!!

  3. Brian was always so good. He had great control and was able to pull stuff so slowly it could be painful to watch – how can he pull that off? I had really hoped he would resurface for last summer’s KOF reunion.

  4. That dude was super good. Reminds me of Bill Neuman in style (doing all the latest tricks at the time effortlessly and perfect)

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