Episode 43: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Jim Cavanaugh


What’s up everyone? It’s time for episode 43 of the Flatmattersonline exclusive, this episode features New England flatland legend, Jim Cavanaugh!
43 is the BMX magic number, Jim comes through with an awesome back wheel line for this feature. I feel like I have already used this term a lot during the intro’s for these exclusives, but it seems like the “flatland lifers” out there are contributing more and more, and thats awesome.
I grew up reading and watching Jim ride on the Radazine, Wire ‘zine and videos, stoked to meet Jim a few years in a row at the One Love jam, and as you will see right here. Jim is still going hard to this day, respect!

Thanks Jim for contributing.

Whose got episode 44? Dropping Wednesday…

Repo: The Final Flatland Fracas!

Text: Rick MacDonald.
Photos: Mikel Miller, Kieran Chapman and Scott Denoncourt

The Final Flatland Fracas happened on Sunday August 2nd in East Bridgewater, MA USA. It was an amazing day, bringing a fitting end to this fun grassroots contest series.

Killer shot of Jason Plourde You really do have to witness his riding live to appreciate!

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Old School Sundays with Brian Hobson!

Brian Hobson, Masters class – KOF – April 1990 from kchapman on Vimeo.

During my ‘zine making days following the New England scene via Radazine was a treat! Check this no touch from Brian Hobson from the King of Flatland contest, April 1990, smooth as glass style! Thanks to Drew Henderson, sending this weeks OSS in!