2 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Dave Nourie

  1. I STILL love / watch his section in ” Aggro riding and Kung Fu fighting ” to THIS day ! I’ll be watching THIS contest run just as MUCH , now !! Damn dude ! He was in FULL contest attack mode , TIMES 7 , just firing out his signature lines , tricks …….kind of freestyling with it too , which made the run even more SLLLLAAAMMED ! First combo set the tone / pace for what he was about to unleash , STOKED on this upload . Lost EPIC videos like THIS…… is why I love the net , and comb it for hours on end ! If there were an award for Old School Sunday LEGENDS …….THIS run of Dave’s would be a TOP choice , TIMES 7……..DOUBLE Vander Roll !! HELL YEESSSSS ! This entire run , one of Nourie’s BEST, in his career !! I’d pay serious money to be able to do ANY of his lines in this contest run . Thrilled I finally got to meet him @ the A.F.A. Round 3 contest in Houston T.X. , back in July of 2016 . Again……..LOVING this run of Jefe Gumby . Mad RESPECT !

  2. Not to mention my dumb ass wasn’t even aware that Dave had half of this stuff under his belt …AND had it THAT dialed !! He threw down a run with a rad amount of VARIETY to his combos as well ! The fact that he’s still ripping on his bike , progressing , competing ……AND coaching the next generation of riders, is SUPERB also !

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