Terry Adams wins AFA Dream Run 2021

I’m a little late posting the Pro Class results, congratulations to Terry Adams who took the win in the Pro Class with an amazing run packed with progression, originality, and difficulty to boot. Terry was followed on the podium by a man on a comeback, Matt Wilhelm who showed he’s back on a mission. In the third place podium Toon Pakphum threw down a three minute combo that just knocked Bruno Zebu out of the top three, that’s how high level this contest was. Congratulations to everyone throwing down during difficult times, I had a lot of fun judging this event along with Joe Cicman and Austin Luberda.

Thanks Todd Carter and James McGraw for putting this on, and helping keep the flatland community together.

There’s talk of another event later in the year, so stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Terry Adams wins AFA Dream Run 2021

  1. Been watching the AFA youtube channel as the runs have been posted up. The riding is amazing!!! Expert, master and pro. All of it! Big shout out to Matt on the high speed land spinning record on top of the multi bike flip links!!! I just keep hearing LL Cool J playing in my head “Don’t call it a come back!” The man’s always been here. Bruno’s run was pure liquid water fluid. Everybody has to check out ALL the entries. Dope lines from everyone that entered this comp. Sick stuff to take in.

    • AGREED , TIMES 7 , BZ !! EVERY class just RULED ! SO many SLAAAAMMMED combos from ALL riders !! I had so much fun competing in this . I DESERVED last place , haha !!I ain’t trippin , I’m here for FUN , nothing more !! Besides SCUFFING is ALOT like living @ your mommas house in 2021 …….it will get you in the BMX Flatland contest AND dating scene…..LAST place , hahahaha! Seriously though ……it’s NOT about placing with events like this , it’s ABOUT the BLOOD LINE , and GREATER GOOD for the sport and it’s FUTURE ……plus , lets just be HONEST …..riding in ANY contest is a HUGE rush , fun and a healthy different type of challenge and experience in BMX Flatland……..I’m ALWAYS down for it !!

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