Episode 71: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Rodney Williams


What’s up everyone?
It’s that time of the week, today we drop episode 71 of the Flatmattersonline eclsuives with none other than Rodney Williams!
I called out Rodney a few episodes ago, and he comes through with an awesome switch foot circle k 360 bar flip to switch foot pedal circle k into one foot cowboy squeaks and goes back and forth a few times between the switch foot pedal circle k and one foot cowboy squeak.
Rodney is one of Flatmattersonline biggest supporters and its time for you at home to show some love back to Rodney! Let’s hear it in the comments section, this is kind of a short combo by Rodney’s standards!!!

Thank you Rodney for contributing, whose got episode 72?

49 thoughts on “Episode 71: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Rodney Williams

    • Thank you , Mr. OWNER of the PEDAL five / GURU of ALL genres of Metal music ! I appreciate the props coming from the cat whose carving , aggressive , flowing rolling lines are SO damn killer ! I’ve gotten just as AMMMMPED going through YOUR combos on your Vimeo channel and your Instagram account , Brandon …..mad RESPECT , and I’ll be in touch about your links on your bike , via your Dojo session spot…… and super RAD bands that you always recommend to me !

    • Thank you , Morton ! I also encourage YOU to chime on in, with an exclusive so that we ALL can get this thing to the 100th episode , PRONTO !! Also in this line I’m doing ………ALL props / respect go to Effraim and Kerry Gatt ! I’m just linking THEIR tricks with a lil personal twist to them . Both of those cats were doing these moves as far back as…….1995 ! YES…….1995 , BIG ups , Effraim / Kerry , TIMES 7…….

    • YOU rule , Matt ! Damn …..your Dream Run for this year’s A.F.A. contest …..I’ve recorded it on my flip phone , watched it SEVERAL times over ! BOTTOM BRACKET ice cream turbines ….BIKE FLIP exit ??!!!! You’ve really ran out the gate with a new found FURY to your riding for 2021 , Matt ! Loving your fresh brakeless flow . As far as how I flip the bars ……I do it the EASY way ! Wrist twist FIRST , landing wrist comfortable ! Riders like YOU , Nekolny , Kuoppa , Viki , Sarlos , Osicka , Cerra , etc ,etc…….all you cats have flipped the bars 360, the HARD way for years ……wrist comfortable , LANDING wrist twist . Screw THAT , haha…..it makes a technical transition even MORE technical and even MORE hit or miss , haha……KEEP going exactly how you’re going with your new style of riding , Matt !!

    • Thank you , Todd ! You’ve been SLLLAAAAAMMMING it DOOOOWWN with all of your downside , opposite , tight circle whiplash and death truck , forward and regular stance style links in your session spot ! You RULED these past years Dream Run contests , hell bruv ……..you’ve RULED , progressed , and evolved your riding on BOTH wheels since freaking early 2011 , ALWAYS progressing , moving / staying with the times in Flatland !

  1. That was rad!!!!!!! Rodney….The whole flatland community needs to chip in and get you a new bike!!!!!! You deserve it more than anyone.

    • Mad PROPS to one of the MAIN 5 riders that I wanted to meet SO bad …….that I got a Face Book account to do so , haha…..FACTS ! Been looking up to your riding since meeting you for exactly 13 SECONDS , haha……in Oklahoma in 1995 , Adam . A TRUE O.G. Jersey LEGEND Flatlander , TIMES 7……a new bike ?! Haha……hell bruv , I see ALOT of riders in this years A.F.A. Dream Run competition …….that are WAAAAAAAY more skilled on a bike than I will EVER be , that TRULY deserve a new bike ……like NOW ! All the women’s , expert , etc ,etc……I’m like ” yeah , give THEM a new bike , I CAN’T do ANY of their tricks / combos , haha . ” Same thing with YOU , Adam…….YOU DESERVE a new bike , sponsorship , a salary , etc ,etc …….NO b.s. , bruv ! I deserve a bag of pretzels and a high five for my Flatland skills …..THAT’S IT , hahahahaha……..FACTS !

    • YOU rip HAAAARD yourself , Trevor ! Thanks , campeon ! I’d give anything to be able to be @ a skill level to roll / do your hang five -pivot / switch to Cobain roll … MID line , sir ! I love THAT transition and can’t ever imagine doing it……..EVER , haha !

  2. The flip up to pedal was so controlled and stable. Like rock solid stability. The fluid footwork in the straddle k and then switching into and out of pedal cowboy positions is serious business!! No joke indeed! That back wheel just hovers around above the floor at the same level throughout the link! Your rides probably 37.6lbs!? Rodney bro, you’re on another level with the tech foot scuffing and brake work. Serious skills and ill style!!! You made that look so easy it hurts to think about. So stoked to see this come up! Thanks for putting this one out there for us to see. Thanks for pushing me to start filming myself ride and share it. Thanks for being an awesome positive hyped influence to us all!! Ride on brother, I know I will!

      • Thank you , Amos ! YOUR exclusive line ( Fire haul , bar flip ! ) THAT ruled , TIMES 7 , also ! Comment award , haha ! How bout a LEGEND U.K.- O.G. , ALL disciplines of BMX AWARD ??! ( YOU !! )

    • Mad RESPECT and LOVE to YOU , BZ !! Thank you , bruv ! I’m just having a lil fun imitating Effraim , Kerry Gatt , and Ciaran Perry , all their OLD stuff , haha ! It’s VERY easy to be /feel positive about BMX Flatland , hell ….BMX as a whole when I see , find out and get INSPIRED by riders with that EYE CANDY / NEW school riding style , with so much GRACE / FLOW , just hitting em wit it ….with the turbine / rolling fury on BOTH wheels , even AFTER a 12 YEAR hiatus , building their life up to a SUPERB level of living , handling business , achieving their goals …..riders like YOU , BZ !! I swear , campeon …….I follow ALOT of riders riding ……..after seeing your You tube channel ……YOU are one of em , just like I follow Viki , Akihiko , Fester , Kuoppa , Jumelin , Hiroya , Thomason , Terry , Okamura , Effraim , etc ,etc…….my personal list is ENDLESS , hahaha….I noticed straight away from your comments on this site that you’re a positive rider with TRUE , CORE love for the sport , artform of BMX Flatland ……THEN finally getting to see your riding ( also VERY STOKED that you’ve uploaded multiple lines on your You Tube channel ! ) Well…….that was just the EXTRA icing on the cheese cake , haha ! You’re a RIPPER on your BIKE and the up lifting comments , thoughts on this SITE , BZ . KEEP ruling and I’m SO AMMMMPED that you’re BACK on the scene , PROGRESSING , having fun and just SLLLLAAAAAMMMING your styles on your bike ! STOKED that ya dropped an exclusive combo …….AND …..I HOPE you drop ANOTHER one A.S.A.P. , judging from your You Tube channel ……you’ve got LOADS of flavor on your bike to pick and choose from ! My bike , haha… yeah …..I’m not sure bout the weight , but I do know that Spanish LEGEND Vert rider , Eduaro Terreros known the ” Spanish Fly ” cause he would blast 12 FOOT airs on his THIRD wall of a VERT ramp, during the Cologne Germany- World Championship contest runs…….he DID actually ride the same frame I’m riding during the late 90s, meaning my frame was /is BURLY enough to handle VERT riding , haha…….Also , AGAIN , BZ …..KILLER riding styles outta ya , ANOTHER exclusive ??! { I will , if you will , haha ! )

  3. So clean, man, rider4life,I have tried that basic side scuff in a circle, and still can’t keep it going, all that other stuff you throw in was epic tech!!!!!

    • Brant ! I’ve BEEN a fan of your near VERTICAL brakeless Smith decades , BLENDERS , and all your freestyled combo edits since the very first Battle at the Beach contest D.V.D. ! Even when you were riding a K.G.B. frame , circa late 2004 ! Side squeaks ??! I learned the slow technique of how to do them from watching German RIPPER , Andy Menz ! Remember him ?! He was one of the FIRST stars on the Dragon Fly bike company roster , waaaaaay back in early 1996 . It’s not too difficult at all , try Cobain scuffs ,also …..hell , man ……your BLENDERS are WAAAAAAY tougher , haha…thank you for the props ,RIDER4LIFE !! Your section in the Battle at the Beach D.V.D., part 2 was EPIC tech as well , campeon !

  4. I appreciate your positive support over the years & really admire your enthusiasm. If Flatland had a few more of you, the future of the Sport would be in good hands. Great Riding as usual!

    • Right back atcha , Sean !! Thank you ! YOU embody every single word you typed ,also……..TIMES 7 ! Your riding ( PEDAL revert / infinity roll , and cyclone lines ! ) AND your good works within the Flatland community are awesome , hermano ! KEEP doing whatcha do and making the sport rich in growth ,positivity , and STOKE !!

    • JASON SMASH !! There’s a REASON why Rob ” Tex ” Thayer choose Viki , Sommer , White ……..and YOU , Jason……to ride for one of the FIRST CORE Flatland brands , London bikes !! ” Tex ” ONLY hand picked the riders that he KNEW were going to make a impact within the sport and KEEP progressing it as well , Jason . He personally explained that only the BEST had a spot on the team , NO Bollocks , Jason ! He told me this over dinner here in San Antonio Texas , back in October of 2004 , around the time that YOU earned a page AND interview in Ride BMX magazine , the U.K. edition …….so…….it’s more like………..JASON FORDE SMAAAAAAASH , from 2002 till THIS day in 2021 !!

    • Thanks , ” Green Goblin ” EPIC combo CREATOR !! I’m STILL stoked on your 2006 edits as much as your stuff these days , Aaron ! Degree of DIFFICULTY …..as HIGH as ever in 2021 with your riding ! S E Q U E N C E BMX , TIMES 7 !!!

    • Coming from one of THE LEADERS of the NEW and PRE -NEW school styles of Flatland riding ( BIKE FLIPS =YOURS ! , named ” How Ghetto I am ” by YOU , STUBBLE DUCKS = YOURS ! , X-LEG whiplashes to BACKWARDS half packers =YOURS ! , ETC ,ETC !! ) Thank you , Mr. Plescencia ! YOU are a INNOVATOR , TIMES 7 , A F.F. lifer and a rider whose tricks and links , ALOT of em CAN’T be touched………TODAY ! HOW MANY riders STILL rave about your riding in Dorkin In York ” Wheelies ” ??!! Nuff said !!

  5. I love how Rod does his own thing. He is not compelled to follow trends. His skills are on full display. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thank you , Reggie Cyr !! I just follow , imitate older riding from the likes of Effraim Catlow , Jason Brown r.i.p. , Andrew Arroyo , Nathan Penonzek , Andy Menz , etc ,etc…….and SO many others . I just have fun and sesh ! I would however LOVE to have the skill level to actually do NEW school stuff like your turbine time machine , rocket and switch hand steam roller / fire haul combos !! I love it ALL ! THANK YOU for YOUR inspiration ! You’re a RIPPING rider yourself , man ! Please film / share an exclusive combo for this site !!

    • Thank you , Shane ! I’m very stoked that ya dug it !! Riders like YOU ,with all of today’s new school riding style , turbines , pumping , rolling , pivoting flow ……..THAT always makes my day , week and year also ! I watch videos of it all the time . I’m currently into Alan Alfaro’s , Khaled Huerta’s , and MANY others with such smooth , Niagra Falls -like flow . Please post / share some of YOUR riding on this site , Mr. Baptiste ……..AND get in on these exclusives ! We ALL gotta SLLLLAAAAMMMM this cause down , getting this to the 100th episode ! I damn sure am going to do my part , and I know PLENTY of other VERY skilled riders like YOU , Shane …….that can do the same ! FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM , TIMES 7 …….

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