Episode 70: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Thiago Balzano


It’s time for episode 70 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives, this episode we have a feature with Brazilian rider, Thiago Balzano. Thiago has been living in the Washington DC area, USA for about eight years now and is a dedicated Flatmattersonline reader.

Thiago reached out to me, and let me know the exclusives have really helped push him as a rider and he wanted to use the exclusive as motivation to land a hitchhiker to crackpacker. And as you will see, he hits this line clean, he mentioned that the side step style out of crackpacker to steam was causing him the most problem.
This was really a joy to hear, this is what the exclusives are all about. It’s you and your own personal progression, and using documenting the line to help push forward your own development.
This works on so many levels, I could go on and on.

This did give me an idea, the Flatmattersonline exclusive Line of the year award went to Kio Hayakawa last year, what about if we add a Reader Line of the Year that’s not for Pro’s. This is for riders like BZ, Thiago and whoever comes forward, readers of FM, it makes sense to me.
Does it make sense to you?
Let me know your thoughts, and I’ll announce next week if it’s happening.

Thanks for contributing Thiago!

Whose got episode 71? Dropping Wednesday….

15 thoughts on “Episode 70: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Thiago Balzano

    • Totally support this idea! And it’s a great chance to get to know more riders out there and make the flatland scene more present.

  1. Yeah man!! It’s all yours now. You own it now, no one else can take it! Props on getting past that side step. It’s always working out those final little details that seems like it takes the longest compared to learning the rest of the link. Even if years went into the link and months into the ride out. It’s like the anticipation of landing slows down time and feels like such a battle towards the end making the accomplishment so satisfying. Ride on bro!!

    • Thanks a lot, man! You have described it very well “making the accomplishment so satisfying”. We start connecting the links that we have learned along the way, and at the end, when we see the combo as a whole, we realize that the small battles paid off. ✨

  2. Readers line ?! FULL STOP , Big – E ! Great idea , mate ……that would just get more exclusives rolling in , speedily reaching the 100th episode mark in record time , haha….hell bruv , I’ve got like 5 more lil ideas myself , haha….Scuff Gate represent , ha ! Thiago , you got it SLLLAAAAMMMMED , amigo ! Butter slipping outta that crack packer to switch hand steam to the smooth pivot exit . Well worth the celebratory shout , being such a rad , flowed rolling combo ……AND conquering that certain transition to seal the deal . STOKED for ya , campeon ! I know Adam got us connected and I ‘ll be in touch , Thiago . Had no idea that you were living state side for some years now , like no idea at all , haha …..till Effraim explained it on here . Again , loving this line ! I’ve always envied / admired any rider with proper hitchhiker , overall rolling combo control . You’ve ALWAYS had THAT kind of flavor ON LOCK upon me first seeing video of you , jamming with Lisias in 2012 @ yalls old session spot in Brazil . Mad respect , Thiago ….on your progression , staying on your own path riding wise …….and I’ll be in touch , hermano !!

    • Rodney, This is not Thiago BB …both riders are from Brazil..my friend Thiago is from bitd and still in Brazil..fyi……Great riding Thiago B…….

      • Haha !! Ooops ! I bet this Thiago was reading my comment thinking ” What in the hell is this guy talking about ?! ” I feel dumb , haha. Both Thiagos just have that SMOOOOTH rolling , pivot style to their riding ………so my dumb ass figured it WAS Thiago B.B , Adam , haha ! Thanks for the correction , Jefe Guild ! Well………I still dig THIS Thiago’s riding / exclusive combo and I’m stoked on his riding flow / style , Props ,Thiago Balzano . Keep progressing , bruv ! Adam ! Please message Thiago B.B. that I can’t figure out how to call him back , haha ……the Brazil number has too many digits that he text me from , haha. Thanks , TIMES 7 , Adam for connecting us ………AND …..you two NEED / SHOULD do another two man edit ,like yall did a couple years ago . That would rule considering both of ya have learned a bunch of new combos , tricks ! I guess I’ll just contact Thiago B.B. on F.B. , I’d rather talk to him though , like I always chat with you , Adam……..about yalls riding and ways of looking @ Flatland ! Talk to ya soon after work , Adam Guild , KEEP busting out on that damn bike !!!

        • Hey Rodney, yeah there are 2 Thiagos and I wasn’t the one you thought it was. No problem!! Anyway, it’s nice to know that there are 2 Brazilian flatlanders in this community!
          I really appreciate your comments though! Thanks a lot! I’m happy you liked my video and the tricks. I just watched yours by the way, and man, you nailed that combo, a pretty long one with hard scuffing variations!!
          Keep riding and let’s be in touch!!

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