Old School Sundays with Jason Webb

As I am celebrating 12 years of Flatmattersonline this week, I thought for this weeks Old School Sunday’s I would go back to my childhood. We have Jason Webb’s final run from the 1987 Tizer Worlds BMX Beat competition, which was a televised show here in the UK, amazing riding as always from Jason!

6 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Jason Webb

  1. Woa pedaling deathtruck entrance at 1:27!
    That’s a freecoaster right? But when he gets up into pedaling death hops, his pedals don’t go back because his weight is sitting on bars? There’s so much death to be hanging by the nuts way up there with arms stuck back like that! Awh man!<Q#e#@

      • Thats awesome!Ahead of his time to say… Double decades on lock, sure he could pull triples in the jam circle or at his home spot. Pedal pickers, wheelchair… As an old school head I am, I really enjoy these videos and I much appreciate this riding now… Ps. It’s been a couple of years that I am running also a coaster brake on my bike! Ahaha! Old-school baby….

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