12 Years into running Flatmattersonline on Friday 27th November 2020, it was time for something new for the site.
After various conversations with my co-host Pete Brandt during our lockdown here in the UK, the “Flat Only” COGcast is born, the title “Flat ONLY” seemed to be the most fitting, and described the direction we both feel strongly about, Pete suggested changing “POD” to “COG” to keep inline with that flatland feel.

On the evening of our 12th anniversary, I got together via zoom with Pete Brandt, Bobby Carter, Jody Temple and man of the moment, Peter Olsen to talk about all things 12 years of Flatmattersonline, Wheelie bikes as a trend, lack of flatland frames currently available, the latest video parts, reemergence of flatland only brands, back injuries and much much more. It was a great conversation, check the timestamps below for a quick reference of what is discussed when.

Grab a cuppa FM style and enjoy the first episode….


00:00 Intro to the FLAT ONLY cogcast, introducing Pete Brandt, and our guests Bobby Carter and Jody Temple!

5:38 12 years of FM, at what point did you guys start checking FM?

12:04 Questions for Effraim about running Flatmatters?

29:13 COVID has affected everyone’s riding. The pros and cons.

41:15: View on the over saturated market of old school frames

43:00 And not much choice in modern day flat frames….

53:57 Peter Olsen joins the show.

55:18 The reemergence of FLAT ONLY brands.

1:05:18 Back injuries and the importance of stretching…

1:11:50 Flatmattersonline year end awards coming up! So many amazing edits lately including Pete Olsen’s Ritual part….

1:26:59 Are wheelie bikes going to be the future or a passing trend?

1:39:45 Outro


  1. Great podcast guys. Love this kind of stuff and can’t wait for some more E.

    Bobby thanks for shouting out Pedro and bringing light back to his amazing section from Nice Nice Very Nice.

  2. Nice to hear all you fellow geezers having a discussion. Kind of like hanging out with old riding buds–which covid has really put a damper on. Thank you for this. You know what would make a great section, if you end up doing sections: riding focused body work (stretch routines, physio, warm-ups, strength training, etc…). We never really explore that and it could really benefit the community IMO.

  3. 1) Global Flat definitely was kind of preachy and hatey. Like global flat is like facebook and flatmatters was like instagram.

    2) Young people gravitate to young people. Getting people into flatland needs a certain amount of inertia to attract people. If it looks fun people gravitate to people having fun. I also always remember this thing that Marti said about security guards but it works for interest too: do tricks that you can pull and look cool when people are watching, especially if they interested.

    3) Brands that make flatland specific stuff seem like they sell to japanese parents and riders that never quit in the states. At least the kind of boutique stuff. I think a lot of younger people cant really afford titanium jams and flat specific stuff. Or don’t need yet. This is kind of where necessity for flatland schools comes back in, if you want to sell high quality flat stuff, gotta find the parents.

    4) pete olsen in 2007 came to madrid and what i remember the most was he always stood around with his feet crossed.

    5) the skateboarding thing at the end and the Effraim comment about watching flat at Fise and people loving it for the time spent in one combo, flat always reminds me more of the Matt Hensley end nose wheelie part in hokus pokus.

    Keep em comin!

  4. Love it! A real flat talkshow. Pete Brandt telling it like it is. I’ve never heard another person put what I’ve felt for years into words. When he said he has to fuckin fight for his time to ride. Word. This was gold. Took in every minute of it. Dope stuff.

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