6 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Tommy Simpson

  1. Stoked to see this! So many good riders at this time in the sport, and yet at the same time the AFA couldn’t survive. I’m still scratching my head how quickly all that happened. Great run by Tommy here.

  2. SLLLLLLLAAAAMMMED !! This cat had a kinda Joe Alder , Darren Pelio , John Huddleston way of riding ! Very aggressive , with a lil bit of raditude , BUT a smile on his face , just having a good time going through his lines . Whiplash in front of those bars , I SAW THAT , linked with some elephant whips / back packer . Also caught that bar flip outta his exit ,from that combo ! People like this ….I HOPE are STILL riding their bikes and loving it . What a great RE-up post for O.S.S. ! Also loved his snappy freak squeak whips , mid-line . Reminds me of Jason Brown R.I.P. ! His death truck carved at speed, was dope , also …….between watching just about every A.F.A. Dream Run entry and old school A.F.A. contest runs of Danny Meng , Jay Jones , Dennis Mccoy , Ryoji Hora , etc ,etc ,etc……..Id have to say the A.F.A. , past AND PRESENT is one of the BEST things to happen to BMX like M.O.C. , Flatland Voodoo Jam , Texas Flatland Round Up , Ninja Spin , C.O.B. , etc ,etc …….AGREED , Todd……STOKED on this post , too , TIMES 7…………

  3. He had a really fluent style, so nice! I thought the position at 0:10 (frontyard with the frame on the other side of the leg) was an invention of Phil Dolan! He did that in 1997 as far as I remember (when he rode the blue Premium Lagger). Effraim, do you know if Phil knew that Tommy did it before?

    • @DaddyCool, actually Phil got that move you talk of off myself, I got it from Tommy from watching the Radazine/eire videos. Myself and Phil did regular, switch foot, gliding versions during that time on KHE. I never did them in contests or anything like that, Phil saw me doing it and it fit his style and his combinations really well.

  4. Great to see some Tommy Simpson footage. As one who was a regular at those comps and the Natick comps, I can personally attest that he was one of the most naturally talented riders on the scene at the time. He had no sense of nervousness when riding in front of others on the contest floor, and looked to be having fun at the same time. Was super smooth and had a deep, difficult bag of tricks. And if my memory doesn’t fail me, I believe he rode to “I think we’re alone now” by Tiffany at least once….:)

  5. Ridiculously good run. So relaxed (I was always a nervous wreck during my runs). Probably had a whole other level of tricks he could do but weren’t dialed enough for a contest run…

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