Episode 57: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Jean-Michel Chauvel


We are back, episode 57 of the Flatmattersonline exclusives. It is pretty fitting today I am wearing a King of Concrete tee, ep.57 features Jean-Michel Chauvel from Guilliaume Le Conquerant over in Normandie, France just across the water from me here in Southsea, UK. Jean-Michel is a big supporter of the King of Concrete contest, and competed this year in the eFise, MOC, and AFA online contests, and I love this guys riding.

He has a unique flow to how he puts the tricks together, I would call these “pieces” of tricks put together in one clip with his unique pirouette style, that’s figure skating like. This is what flatland is all about, get out there and get creative. Jean-Michel is in his 50’s and showing no signs of slowing down, stoked he stepped up for episode 57.

Merci Jean-Michel for stepping up!!!

We have definitely slowed down as we approach 60 episodes, if you have a clip send it in. Don’t be shy, instructions on how-to take part are after Jean-Michel’s clip….

Whose got episode 58?

5 thoughts on “Episode 57: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Jean-Michel Chauvel

  1. TIMES 7 ……everything you said about him , Effraim ! Hell bruv , I was sold as soon as he STARTED with the REAR PEG -G-turn , haha…..those STYLED OUT , leg dangling circular revert type things , mixed with his PEDAL rocket rolls , all of it mixed as one routine…..Im REALLY liking it !! Good description , E . Ice skating , that sounds about right describing this exclusive ! Total FREEstyle ! Cool that he contributes so much , and gives back to the sport / art form as well ! This exclusive is another RIPPING one, for the books of FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM , and a dope start for the Sunday posts ! Well done , Jean Michel Chauvel with number 57 !

    • Thanks Rodney. You are totally flatland is so much more than tricks, and Jean-Michel is one of those riders that gives back a lot. Love his style and the way the tricks are combined. Pieces of the puzzle put together, its quite unique how he rides actually,

    • Thanks a lot Rodney,
      Due to my age flatland in now more an artistic discipline than a sport.
      Just for the history I can’t even stand on roller skate or ice skate, it would be a deasaster.
      To me teaching flatland is essential to our sport, it’s the key to keep our discipline alive, not just riding for yourself but for the community. Teaching is also a good kick to your ridng, to be honnest, without our local club, I would not be on my bike today (tks to my brother and the kids for that)… So guys create your club.

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