Owen Bohn wins Round 3 Master of Creativity & Year End Title!

Congratulations to Owen Bohn who won the Round 3 of the 2019 Master of Creativity online competition dominating the event this year winning every round, Tomaaki Yoshimura too the second place spot and also second for the year end, and Chris Woodling took third place in Round 3 and third place in the year end ranking. Head over to the Master of Creativity instagram and enjoy the videos.

2 thoughts on “Owen Bohn wins Round 3 Master of Creativity & Year End Title!

  1. Agreed with R ! M.O.C. , just gets more insane yearly ! 2019 proved just that . Gotta go re-watch EVERY entry A.S.A.P. ! Respect to Kuoppa , Judges , sponsors , EVERYONE involved with M.O.C. ! I can personally say having participated in M.O.C. 2018 is the ONLY reason I really buckled down and started to REALLY chase 4 variations I came up with yeeeaaars ago , but kind of gave up on em ……..couldn’t get em consistent AT ALL ………Using 2 of these for M.O.C. 2018 , 1 getting me past round one , THAT really motivated me to chase all 4 variations . I try and do em at least once every session ……..even if it takes 377 tries to hit each one….ONE time , hahaha. M.O.C. shows / teaches riders to get OUT of their comfort zone , relentlessly chase those dream , hammer , tricks …and to really push your own personal progression on your bike . Like I stated earlier ….had I NOT participated in M.O.C. 2018 ……I WOULDNT of been doing 2 of those tricks today on the regular………..even used em in my video section for Adam Guilds new Doses part 8 video ! M.O.C. is so healthy for flatland bmx and pushes , levels up the art form …..TIMES 7 ! Salud , Martti ! Rad meeting ya @ the Flatland Voodoo Jam a month ago , and ……..Im gonna LOVE sitting back with a cuppa , watching EVERY single M.O.C. video contestant rider THIS year !

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