UK Flatland Championships

Back home after the UK Flatland Championships, and there is already an edit up from the event with great riding from the likes of Dino Jeffers, Steve Green, Erik Soares, Dan Margetts, Dom Nekolny, Sam Foakes and Pedro Nascimento. More coverage to follow throughout the week.

3 thoughts on “UK Flatland Championships

  1. Was waiting to see footage of this event , Big-E ! Thanks for the upload . Foakes hasn’t skipped a beat …….AT ALL ! Great to see him back in the mix , ripping his style . Pedro , Dino , everyone dropping some RAD lines as well ! Margetts still shredding too ! Dope edit , Dom ruled as always……..AND ……the rider with the no handed entry , backwards crack packer , cruising it , exiting no handed …..THAT move , slaaaaaammmmmmed , too !

    • I have the top 3 runs, both runs actually. And will upload when get a moment. The rider you are talking about is Gregory from Greece, did the no handed backwards facing messiah and won the AM class.

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