One thought on “Pakphum Poosa Art 5th Place: AFA Dream Run Pro Class

  1. Before I even had first hit play……..I just KNEW Toon was gonna go FULL OUT and hammer down one big line , packed with all of his ripping switches / transitions ! His spinning Karl to QUICK side packer -boomerang to half packer was CRISPY ! LISTEN to the sound of his tire as he boomerangs @ 9 SECONDS ! Cross / inside staple gun roll , STEP UP to STEM roller @ 55 SEONDS means BUISNESS as well, and his cross left / inside fire haul , Dave duster to MULTIPLE STEM boomerangs , drop down to half packer……I can watch THAT transition on its own , even BETTER in a long combo !! STOKED on Toons video entry , TIMES 7 . He just went FULL STOP for the Dream RUN contest ………exactly like he did for his FULL RUN edit he unleashed online a couple months ago………………

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