Paul Dezeix out of Bordeaux, France takes us on a visual journey of his riding, in this new really well produced edit entitled:”EFFULGENCE”. Great tune that fit his riding style so well, I really got sucked into this one. Really liked the two footed frontyard variations in this one, good work Paul!

2 thoughts on “Paul Dezeix: EFFULGENCE

  1. All bases covered , beautifully ! Pauls combos , the song and how it flows SO well with his links . E couldn’t have said it better ….this edit really does have that kind of dreamy trance like vibe that does pull you in as each line is pulled effortlessly . Double footed / one handed front yard turbines , DOWNSIDE multiple whiplashes , body varials , pivoting to double footed front yards , pumping / spinning seat grab , one handed hang tens , side packer passes ……all this stuff pulled ridiculously clean , mixed into smooooooth flowing lines ! Im sold on this edit ! Great work Paul , this edit is excellent ! The kind of edit that riders will definitely appreciate……..AND people who haven’t really been exposed to bmx flatland before also . Kinda gives off an ELUSION vibe , the 2007 bmx flatland film collaborated by Rob TEX , and Matilda Thayer , with just about every North American rider. That film like THIS edit is straight to the point ………RIPPING combos pulled , mixed with SUPERB tunes throughout the whole film . Again, RAD edit , bruv …….eager to see part 2 of this ! To me , SIDE packers are a million times more difficult than HALF packers……and you just have em DIALED / IN YOUR SLEEP , Paul ……just playing with em at will , during your combos . Those double foot front yards are TOO dope as well . Ya really don’t see many cats doing em , theyre a very tough position to roll . Both of these moves , and all your stuff makes your riding VERY cool and SWEEEEET to watch…………..

  2. Thanks a lot Rodney !! That s make me want to film another one asap !! video is the only thing stay with our souvenirs so make them memorable ! I try so

    Thanks for your words it was so nice to read

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