3 thoughts on “John Yull: Best BMX Crashes

  1. John Yull’s trick bag is basically a mile deep of tricks I will never ever ever fuck with even if my life depended on it because even attempting those tricks put my life at risk.

  2. This is incredible! My god the man knows how to biff!!!!!!
    On so many occasion, I thought it was certain death to follow but then somehow he manages to elude and escape! What a man! I’m also very impressed with the tact that he shows in removing his hand wrapping from the grip before one of those biffs; 99.9999% of people wouldn’t have the wherewithal to do that and would instead scrape their pinned hands and fingers along the ground. It’s also really impressive that he never died on any one of these biffs; there must be some good luck here! But good men make their own luck.

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