3 thoughts on “Paul Osicka: Moreno Valley Contest 1995

  1. There was this interview with him bitd where he says he met a homeless man that opened his mind or something like that. I remember his 93 or 94 run at Scrap and really remember that after this said encounter with homeless man he rode so much smoother and original. Cool to see all these runs.

  2. I don’t know if its the same instance, but there was a chance meeting riding downtown Chicago where a homeless man talked to Paul and a few of us about focus, ignoring the outside world, and being present in the moment with what you are doing, not where you were or where you were going. Maybe that was it, maybe not. Either way is was one of those times you don’t forget.┬áBack then you saw a lot of the same people wandering around downtown. That guy…never again. He come out of nowhere and went back to nowhere after that night.

  3. I still go back and watch his early 1994 Props interview / riding segment ! Osicka was a HUGE influence on me , the cats who I rode with in 1994 through 1996 . Myself I idolized his style / links so bad , I actually learned a flap jack , whipping the frame around , catching to a right cross Cobain , then reaching over to a elephant glide . I REALLY wanted to do it HIS way , haha…….flap jack , whipping the frame , then side step , catch the seat left handed , ending up in a side yard ! He would just let the back wheel hover , STYLISHLY pausing before he would side step to the side yard ! He nails his best one in his iconic ” Style Cats ” video part…….my other two amigo were trying to learn his side squeak , counter clockwise bar flip to chicken and his one legged FLOATING side squeak , haha ! We even kinda had out bikes set up a lil bit like his , wearing X-large shirts , VERY baggy shorts , hats real low when we were riding , haha. To this day I sometime give ” raditude ” DURING a combo . I actually did just that on a new edit that Adam Guild just put out ” Mix Tape , Part 3 ” ! Paul Osicka’s right cross elephant glide , butter slip to side squeak ??! The one he did around this time period ……..I’ve been messing with THAT switch since November of 1998 ! I LOVE this run of his . Casually freestyling HIS combos , rolling the dice , and just busting out ! I’d like to hear even MORE about his encounter with this man who peep gamed him into being / riding in the PRESENT …….My riding amigo back in those days kind of gave my friends and I similar type of advice…………Osicka’s pat in ” A few good men on bike ” video part ?!! I still watch that and ANY of his video sections from the EPIC Ells Bells BMX films !!

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