Episode 72: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Lee Wilson


After a short intermission on Sunday, we are back to the Flatmattersonline Exclusives!
Today it’s the turn of UK rider, Lee Wilson!
Lee is from Market Harborough, just outside Leicester here in the UK, roughly in the middle for all outside of the UK that may be curious.
Lee comes through with a smooth whiplash hitchhiker line flowed into hang 5 step steam, love the bar flip steam that follows and the smooth exit out.
Lee was a regular on the UK contest scene for many years and it’s great to see he’s still riding, and I dubbed him the UK Shintaro, super smooth elegant style!
Thanks Lee for contributing, whose got the next episode?

6 thoughts on “Episode 72: Flatmattersonline Exclusive with Lee Wilson

  1. Hell YEEEEESSSSSS ! Literally juuuuust caught this leaving for work ! Rad flow ,style ,and technique . Upon watching Alan Alfaro’s Dream Run ( LOVE that guy’s rolling , flowed combos ! ) I was really excited to see Lee’s exclusive ……mad respect , Lee , Effraim , White , Dolan , Forde , and ALL U.K. riders are have kicked Flatland up the arse for MANY , MANY moons over , haha . NO hair cut , E ! Let it grow ! I once didn’t shave my head AND face from 2002 till 2003ish , haha ……then AGAIN from 2005 till 2006ish , hahaha……my scufffing ” cave man ” riding style went right along with my looks , haha……again , PROPS , Lee !!

  2. Nice!! Another crazy smooth shredder from across the pond. How many flatlanders does just the UK have!? We seem few and far between up here in Canada. Way to rip it up Lee! Watching your link gets me pumped to spend more time on the front wheel once some back wheel goals are achieved. This is so rad seeing all the riders coming out of spots world wide to drop their science for us. That was awesome Lee! Thanks for throwing down and getting it on film!

    • You’re welcome Lee . Had to really catch just what E was on about , you really ARE like a Misawa -style precision rider……… with say , like the steam flip , mid line after the turbine in this line. Like Shintaro ……you roll double footed , the steam …….then pressure / push both pegs to flip to another steam ! Very quick , tricky and happens in a milli- second ! Effraim caught it right away . It took a lil bit of pause , rewind , play for me to catch it . things like this in my opinion really DO have a huge impact within a combo , variation …….makes things so much harder . Quick VERY technical details like this are what gets me VERY stoked watching someone like you , Shintaro , even Miller…. back in 2004 when he would G-nu twitch his steams , literally on the edge of his left peg , via double footed position …..coming out to a cross staple gun roll ( shout out to Ruben Castillo for the ” staple gun ” roll move , circa 1988 ! ) before hammering into his signature barrage of Cobain roll bar flip / body switches , landing to side yards / packers . ( he WRECKED the joint @ the 2004 Cologne World’s , with these type lines ! ) I really look forward to even more of your riding , Lee……….as I’ve been ranting about ……..let’s ALL get this ” show ” of Effraim’s to it’s 100th episode………PRONTO ! With WAAAAAAAY too many HIGHLY skilled riders WORLDWIDE reading , checking out this site ………honestly …..it should be an EASY task , like not even over a month ! Hell bruv …….95 riders alone…. participated in the Dream Run contest for the A.F.A. , this month , hahaha…….do the ” math ” , bruvs……………..

  3. Nice, Lee! Always been a fan of his style…but possibly because I see a lot of parallels with my riding in the past. Definitely smooth and a treat to watch.

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