One thought on “2021 UCI Urban Cycling World Championships: Montpellier France / 4-8th June

  1. I just hope there’s a live stream ! I love watching live stream contest footage . Can’t count how many times I’ve gotten off work , stayed up late ,just to catch several F.I.S.E. events and Jomo Pro 2009….. where Cory Fester and Art Thomason had a remarkable battle ! A really CORE tech vs tech type battle ! I see Rim Nakamura is on the flyer for this . That dude has some SERIOUS park riding skills ! His welcome edit to the Shadow Conspiracy BMX team roster was bananas , TIMES 7 ….he’s like the Kio of park riding , haha…….I’m fiending to ride in , watch and freaking VIBE to ANY Flatland contests for 2021 ….and watch ANY discipline of BMX , too . I’d be STOKED to watch a Simple Session , Battle of Hastings , or a Battle of Belmar livestream in 2021 !!

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