Aaron Wright: Winter 2021

Aaron Wright bagged himself an indoor riding spot this past winter, and put in some work. Super stoked to see some fresh footage of this Canadian ripper, in a cold looking warehouse I have to say. Hell yeah Aaron, good job on this one!

10 thoughts on “Aaron Wright: Winter 2021

  1. Hi Aaron, I have only seen one video from you so I am not so familiar with your riding. But for me you did a lot of surprising links here which is very nice and refreshing. Your combos are unique! I also see a lot of variety here, props!

  2. Can’t not get pumped seeing a Canadian OG throw down. Hells yeah Aaron, you show old man winter whats up! Looks like that warehouse dust could cause some inconsistent braking issues, but it sure doesn’t show in the riding. Dopeness. Thanks for putting out the edit man.

    • TIMES 7 , BZ ! EVERY O.G. Canadian rider AND the NEW school generation like cats like YOU , Collier , Fester , etc …….seems like Canada in general has birthed nothing but SUPERB riders since 1990 , no b.s. !! Along with your riding , BZ …..I always go back watching riders like Jason Brown r.i.p. , Penonzek , Royer , Stratychuk , Fong , and SO many others …….Canadians , eh ? , videos had it CORRECT with Jason Brown naming it ….REPRESENT ! Cause that’s EXACTLY what yall have been doing in BMX Flatland …….since DAY 1 , nuff said !!!

  3. Aaron , you haven’t missed a single beat of SLLAAAAMING DOWN technical , snappy , switch crazy combos since my first viewing of your riding in the Vibe video days ……back in early 2001 ! Loving all these Cobain roll , bar flip , pivot , pinky squeak , staple gun roll , flip to hitchhiker flavored links ! The back wheel combo RULED as well , TIMES 7 . Dope edit ,and I’m thrilled that you’re still busting out your blend of links as SMOOOOOOTH as ever . Man , Canadian riders just NEVER stop progressing ! The O.G. cats like yourself , Fenton , and the other shredders just have that passion , drive to ALWAYS be ripping up links , bringing something unique to Flatland …..while making it all look so freaking effortless …….mad respect , Mr. Wright !

  4. Like the rebate to boomerang & the hitch g turn to backwards hitch & everything else. I always liked this style as well as others.

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