3 thoughts on “Pegruary 2020 Finals : IGIFLATBMX Flatland Online Instagram Contest

  1. I feel like a idiot , having kinda slept on THIS ….just watching it recently….WHOOOOOAAHH , bruv ! All these riders with their RIDICULOUS combos……I have to say , Dub did DAMN GOOD with this online event . EVERY combo is just flat out GREAT , and pulled with loads of style , so many tech details throughout all of these pivot lines , too…..I should of watched this the day it dropped online, haha……me trying to keep up with so much bmx stuff all across the board , online…..this kinda slipped through the cracks , haha…..well….Im SUPER stoked I got to see it now ! Owen , his line ……in my opinion……MUST WATCH , TIMES 7 . The level of riding in this entire edit is actually in the MUST WATCH category , to me anyway ……..VIVA I.G.I. bike company !! This is really , really good stuff……….

    • Hey Rodney, yes the IGI crew there this contest down on instagram during February. I believe as a way to motivate people during one of the most depressing months of the year, then of course Covid-19 happened in March….

  2. Yes sir , Big-E , and damn was it a SLLLLAAAAAMMMED online comp ! I was going through every line , some riders I was a lil bit unfamiliar with ……but AFTER watching their dope combos …..you can bet I ll be keeping up with their riding , like I do with everyone else , haha ! Online contests are such a dope thing for flatland , E ! Theyre levelers of the global playing field , give tons of riders , especially underground cats , a chance to unleash their take on the beautiful art form of bmx flatland ! Hell bruv , look @ Akihiko Takahashi , his UNREAL level of difficulty throughout his links , E ! He is very known , but to me riders like him , Hidenori Ishizaki , Erico Melo , even Bobby Burge ……all these cats NEED even more props / shine time ! This Peguary edit though …….Im STILL buzzing off of it . Bohm nailing THAT line in any prelim run ……forget FINALS , he wins ANY contest , hahaha . Been watching that line , over , and over……….and over ………..

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