Proseed Issue One: Side B

On Thursday I posted Side A of the Proseed Video Issue One leading up to my Flatmattersonline interview with Yasuyuki Takeo (scroll above if you missed it!), one of the founders of the infamous King of Ground contest. Today, I have the B side to the Proseed Video Issue One, from 2004.
So much good KOG footage in this, and the production of the video makes this one so easy to sit through. Great to watch this back, and see how the riders made the way through the ranks. Don’t sleep on this one, too many riders to list in this video, thank you Teku Flat for uploading this great footage!

One thought on “Proseed Issue One: Side B

  1. Love watching yammer ride. I don’t think anyone realizes how much influence he had on front wheel riding at the time. I feel like after he debuted those pivot tricks everything completely changed. Nobody was doing anything like it at the time anywhere from what I recall.

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