Raphael Chiquet: BMX Vs Orchestra

After a couple days off updating, starting the week with some updates from across the globe. French style cat, Raphael Chiquet hit me up with this follow up from the OpéRide Video he produced a while back. Choreography, riding and editing on point!

3 thoughts on “Raphael Chiquet: BMX Vs Orchestra

  1. I wanted to be catty and post something sarcastic because this kind of mixing of artistic worlds has been done a lot lately and because I’m just in that kind of mood this morning, but honestly, that was about as well done as such a project can be done. Nice work!

    I would still enjoy some parodies of this sort of thing though like: flatland vs. kazoo or, flatland vs. death metal live concert (George Manos videos notwithstanding). That is, if anyone is feeling inspired 😉

    • great i just learned what a kazoo is, tks!!
      Ftr I got my skilled mate one day, at that spot full of passersby, doing combos in symbiosis with a harmonica player sending out his good vibes all over the place. I have a fond memory of this moment. Tks also to let me remembering this!

      • That sounds cool too. I liked how the violin music (which was incredible by the way) really synced with your movements. Also, whoever did the filming and video editing deserves an award.

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