10 thoughts on “Rodney Williams: 10 minute flatland bmx combo

    • TIMES 7 , Giannis ! JESUS makes it ALL possible ! Thank you , campeon , and the method in which you’ve been TRANSFORMING Flatland is remarkable , progressive and WAAAAAAY outside of the box ! ( in the best way possible ! ) ………

  1. Wow I drunk a cup of green tea and rolled a phatty and he was still going ‍♂️Yes rodders,oh and I have amazing memories of the og thankyou

    • Thank you , Amos ! I’ve recently watched your video parts on S&M bike company videos and Livid ……..and I must say , bruv ………you’ve been a all around ripper since forever ! Flat , street , park , etc ……EVERY discipline ridden well , with rad , burly and sweet style ! I wish I could of been there watching YOU rule combos @ the O.G. session spot !

    • Lisias ! I STILL watch THAT video of yours and vividly remember chatting with you online about it ! I remember you dropped a 3 minute one first……..THEN …..BAM ! You unleashed the 5 MINUTES combo FULL of your SIGNATURE tricks / variations ! You literally read my mind , haha……I was gonna ask you to SLLLAAAAAMM DOWN another 5 MINUTE or more combo video again ! That I know of it’s one of the longest lines on video ! SALUD , Lisias ……..PLEEEEASE go for it AGAIN , man……….

  2. Rodney you’re a beast! Its mind bottling how you can link up tricks for so long! Like Amos said, your combo’s duration can cover someone’s tea break/chill sesh. The vibe over there looks amazing. What a lookin rad spot and session.

    • Thank you , Mr. New School Flow on BOTH wheels = B to the Z !! This was a REALLY fun session with everyone ! Such a RAD three days , last week ! Thanks, TIMES 7 to JIM MCKAY for filming this …………AND uploading the 2 HOUR COMBO that was supposed to really be my FIRST Flatmattersonline.com Exclusive video clip ! BZ , THAT video is on Jim Mckay’s Youtube channel …..hopefully Effraim will post it when he gets time . ( I know he’s EXTREMELY busy running South Sea skatepark , progressing his riding , running THIS site , coaching the NEXT generation of Flatlanders and a million other responsibilities that Effraim has going on all at once . ) Yes , BZ it’s a combo I did last year that’s just a couple minutes shy of 2 HOURS !!

        • Thank you , R ! Had some help from JESUS with that one , also being motivated by older video parts by the cats I’ve looked up to forever …..Jason Brown r.i.p. , Effraim Catlow , Andrew Arroyo , Nathan Penonzek , Martti Kuoppa , etc ,etc……all their older riding styles ( 1995-1998 ! ) I’m just trying to carry on where they had left off . ( they were all doing long links WAAAAAAY back before I could even link 5 tricks together , haha….by the time I started chasing long combos…..they had all moved on to the newer school style of riding ! ) I’m stoked that you watched a lil bit of it and have to REALLY , REALLY thank Jim McKay ! Had it not been for him and his SUPER professional work , dedication and drive……that combo would of NEVER been seen , seriously TIMES 7 ! Now I’m just eagerly awaiting for Effraim to post it ! After all it’s a tribute to HIM and the others who STARTED this method of riding back MANY moons ago . Effraim’s part in ” Parade ” the BMX video by O.G. Marton , back in Fall of 1997…….after seeing THAT …….I was prettty much obsessed to chase long links from there on out . Thank you , Effraim ” Big-E ” Catlow and FLATMATTERSONLINE.COM for the ongoing motivation !

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