Matt Wilhelm: 3rd Texas Flatland Roundup XI

After the worst crash of his career during warm up, for Matt Wilhelm to go on to take 3rd in The Pro Flatland class at Texas Flatland Roundup XI. Talk about digging deep, feel the energy! So good to see Wilhelm back in the mix where he belongs… Huge props Matt, and get well soon!

4 thoughts on “Matt Wilhelm: 3rd Texas Flatland Roundup XI

  1. At some point this savage is going to drop the double foot rollin stick-b jump 360 body varial in a link, in a contest! He’s pulled it off in in the early 2000s, and got it captured in a flatland manifesto vid. Just the small matter of dialing it in I guess. And then at that point, we will all have to change our shorts. Huge props to Matt!!

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