10 thoughts on “Will Redd: 2nd Texas Flatland Roundup XI

  1. Nothing but respect and admiration for someone that can display their life’s work in the public eye so fluidly and controlled. Not many words can begin to describe the dopeness of the science this man threw down for us all. For F-sakes, Lee’s comment alone speaks volumes for us all! If HE’S(Sir Spider Glide himself) watching, you got to be doing something right. The shin on pedal cross foot inside elbow glide??!?!?! HELD IN A FAT CIRCLE!?!?!
    Will’s on his own level. This is a must re-watch, rewind, and repeat.

    • I had to look closer to see his knee on the pedal. Maybe we can call it a pedal bow haha. Some tech & original riding here.

    • BZ ! Will Redd is SUCH an ELITE rider , TIMES 7 …….has been since 1993 , trust me I’ve avidly kept up with his ENTIRE riding career ! He’s like Gouin , Kuoppa , or Marton …….dude has a tricktionary for DAYS ON END , EVERY time era of Flatland ……he’s one of the MAIN reasons why I was screaming so damn loud during finals that I gave myself a MASSIVE headache , haha……..wanna know something wild , BZ …….THIS contest he was actually INJURED with hip problems that he’s in physical therapy for , no b.s. !! BZ , @ the 2015 Flatland Voodoo Jam after finals while all the ELITE riders were chilling in the hotel lobby……..UCCHIE , yes BZ , UCCHIE himself, burst through the front doors SHOUTING / POINTING @ Will Redd , saying M.V.P. ! M.V.P. ! ( most valuable player. ) because even UCCHIE was beyond impressed by the way Will rode in the prelims ……..AND the FINALS , just SLLLLAAAAMMMING DOWN his signature links / tricks . Will looked at me and Nicola in amazement realizing that UCCHIE was STOKED on his riding !

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