40 thoughts on “Rodney Williams: One foot Cowboy Flips

    • Thank you Morgan , I appreciate it , bruv ! Watch Kerry Gatt , his section in the Standard bike company video , Style Cats . Its on You tube , that and Ciaran Perry has a channel of his own on Vimeo ….plus RE-watch Effraim , his section in the K.H.E. bike company video, Cosa Nostra . E posted it a couple weeks ago……ALL these videos are TOO SICK , TIMES 7 ……

      • Gracias , Mr. HAMMER style , INVISIBLE hold elbow glides …..busted out , MID-LINE in your combos ! HOW , in such a SUPER compact session spot ?! Skills , Mark ! Body strength ?! Hahaha , Im just death gripping , trying to keep my core tight , while scuffing ! Hahaha………You are ALSO a cliff hanging , coat hanging , hitchhiking , turbine , carving , high speed linking BEAST , yourself , man !!

    • You RULE with your hang five ,rebate , whiplash- SMOOOOOOOTH rolling lines , Johann ! Been following your riding since your hang five tutorial article… in that one 2004 issue of Ride BMX magazine , the U.K. edition ! When I finally caught VIDEO of your riding …..I was STOKED . Pure effortless ,clean rolling combos , British style -South Bank flavor at its finest . James Smith , and yourself are two of my favorite O.G. South Bank locals , along with ,of course Dolan , Forde , White , Adju , etc ! YOU KNOW IT , Jefe ! I gotta give Effraim , Ciaran ,and Gatt , their PROPERS and RESPECT ! I would NOT be even a fifth of the rider I am today …….WITHOUT their influence !! I ll say it AGAIN………RESPECT to the BMX O.G. riders ……ALWAYS ,Nuff said…………..

    • STILL watching your video section in Shutdown , the CLASSIC BMX film by Ellsworth Watson , aka ….Ells Bells , and EVERY single S and M bike company video , that you were featured in Amos ! Your exclusive line for this site was MINT as well , campeon ! Youre STILL in the game , SHREDDING as hard as ever . YOUR passion and drive to STILL ride flatland, street ,and park as hard as ever ……THAT does the sport good , Amos …..very inspiring , mate !

    • Thanks , B.Z. ! Means alot coming from such a new school RIPPER with that aggressive , wild , clean turbine style to your lines , that you have ON LOCK ! STOKED on your riding level , especially considering that you havent even been riding that long AT ALL ! Learning curve / skilled , TIMES 7.

      • April 2004 is when i first decided to strictly ride flat. Was serious for a while then fell off hard for 7 years. Basically didn’t ride for over half my late 20’s and some of my early 30’s. Been a hard time getting back into it balancing life and issues. But seeing as how you’re 46, just turning 34 gives me hope to catch up to you and many others. Also, your bike weighs 34.5lbs

        • B.Z. , catch up to me ?! Hahaha ,more like me try and FAIL to catch up to YOU ! All of your NEW school turbine / spin style of riding during your line are a thing that I admire and love watching ……Dustyn Alt , Jenza Kamai , Takahiro Ikedea , YOU , even cats from my era / age group like Geoff Martin ….ALL of yall ….I love yalls kind of riding style and I would love to be able to harness just a lil taste of it ! Thank you for the props , and being 34 , even balancing your life situations …..there no where to go but UP for your progression / level . Pete Brandt is a obvious testament to THAT ! Like your riding , I can watch him SLLLLAAAAAAMM DOWN his combos all damn day , TIMES 7.

  1. My brother!!Soooooooo sick and hard hermano…i wish i could learn this trick in the future.Gracias amigo for tommorows session inspiration!!

    • I take THAT to heart coming from the BMX KING of Greece , hermano ! Glad you dig it , bruv . Giannis…….you literally can learn / dial …..ANY trick , plus its countless variations , haha. Im excited that anything I do on my bike will inspire YOUR session ! Hell bruv , like I stated …….YOU can learn ANYTHING in flatland , NO B.S. ! OVER 100 EDITS ……PROVES JUST THAT !! Like Scott Powell said ……..there IS a GURU status / level in BMX Flatland . Riders who can do it ALL ! Kevin , Chase , Effraim , YOU ,Giannis , Degroot , Powell , Kuoppa , O.G. Marton , Trevor , Viki , White , Brown R.I.P. , Ito , Osicka , etc ,etc…….ALL yall ARE at THAT level of the game !

    • Love ya , Fenton ! Just watched your Land Escape B video section ! Talk about a SLLLLAAAAAMM DOZERED video part ,full of BACKWARDS rolling HAMMER lines , and all kinds of brakeless switching , pivoting , and COMPLEX transitions within EVERY combo….I was laughing ,shaking my head thinking…….WAIT……THIS video part was filmed in late 2002 ! 2002 ! That sh-t would BANG , BANG , BANG riders over da head with stupid crazy DIFFICULTY……TODAY in 2020 ! My Graveyard O.G. bars ??! HELL YEEEEEEESSSSSS , STILL head banging dem thangs in 2020 , haha ! Laredo T.X. BMX Flatland LEGEND , Oscar Garcia gave me those handle bars AND took me to experience the beauty of Mexico for the second time , for my 25th birthday , this was after FINALLY entering my FIRST contest , meeting Art Thomason , Terry Adams , Mickey Gaidos , Andy Ross that day also ! There bars hold ALOT of memories , TIMES 7……….side note …….Oscar Garcia was one of the FIRST riders to roll and turbine a NO handed , double foot front yard coast , CIRCA early 2005 ! He would pinch / hold his fork legs with his ankles ! He learned it ON THE FLY during a casual riding session , haha !

    • STOKED ya dig it , Mr, Watts ! Watched your Prody 5 , and your last couple new edits …….and I can , along with EVERYONE say that ………NO OTHER RIDER can move , twist , switch , and just playfully , precisely , move and weave around a bike like YOU can ! Its mesmerizing to say the least , flat out BMX sorcery , haha ! The thing that REALLY bugs me out is HOW you can just FREESTYLE at RANDOM like that , riding so fast , aggressive ,and with ZERO dead time ! Bravo , Sir Watts …….your last name……describes your riding style………ELECTRIC , mate !

  2. SO RAD! i always hope when i watch any edit that Rodney will drop an awesome comment ( they are full of love 4 flatland ) and it’s so good to see the man bust out . Rodney nothin but respect from me . RIDE ON

    • THANKS , TIMES 7 , Shane ! Wild thing is the other day I was like……..man, I wonder if my LOOOOONNG rants , comments , replies about Flatland annoy or get on peoples nerves on this site or WHOEVER is reading my comments , hahahaha. I really cant help it though…….I have loved Flatland and ALL of BMX since mid-1983 . I dont just RIDE it …..Im a HUGE fan of ALL of it, as a whole . Soooooooooo, when I read ,see or hear something that Im honestly SUPER stoked on……….I just HAVE to express that , and give riders their propers , respect and credit due …….PERIOD ! Im REALLY stoked that you appreciate my comments , bruv …..and it gives me a lil sigh of relief that someone IS as stoked as I am about Flatland , EVERY era of it ! Thank you for the props , too ! Nothing but LOVE / RESPECT right back atcha , Shane !!

    • You SLLLLLAAAAAAAMMM DOWN also, on your bike , Renaud ! You TOO possess SUPERB body , bike , and even MIND control with your technical , stylish , combos ! STILL watching your edits from YEEARRRS ago . Your riding is a lethal force to be reckoned with ! PLLLEASE drop ANY of your riding online, A.S.A.P. , I would love to see it ! ALL your links have a high degree of DIFFICULTY and then some , campeon !!

      • Haha thank you so much Rodney for this high praise! I’m not sure to deserve all this!! Just freestyling and having fun on my bike like you I guess…
        I will drop an edit in the next few months maybe if I pull my new tricks (working on it)… but my combos will not last 30 min or 1h56 like you!.. my god! You’re crazy, such a machine!
        Thank you for the inspiration! Have fun Rodney!

        • Renaud , HELL YEEEAAH , you deserve THAT kind of recognition / props ! Your edits are YEEEEEAARS old and all of em stand up right , difficulty and flow / style wise with todays riding standard in 2020 ! Im just stating FACTS , and bet that real CORE riders would agree with me. I appreciate the props , bruv ! I may have some long lines…….BUT I would really love to have some of your hard hitting tricks , combined with all those high level transitions on BOTH wheels that youve got LOCKED ! If Im a machine , than YOU are a BMX Flatland Shaolin warrior , haha……using your bike as a weapon to educate and show HAMMER lines galore ! New edit ?! Damn bruv , I realy cant wait for THAT , TIMES 7 . Ill be all eyes and ears waiting for it to drop on this site ! You KEEP ripping ,Renaud , cause I will definitely be watching the Renaud BMX show as it continues , if ya catch my drift ………..

          • HahaHaha flatland shaolin warrior!
            No seriously, you are the warrior, the machine! with your endless combos! That’s something I’ve always dreamt about : linking all my tricks in one single combo, but my body doesn’t agree with this idea!..
            So hats off to you for that!
            Don’t know if my next « show » will be satisfying, but Thanx again Rodney for your words! Really gives me motivation to film..
            And I’m too looking forward for your next movie/single combo/performance!..
            Cheers my friend! Have fun!

    • Thank you , R !! Im stoked you dig it ! METAL ??! OOOOOOOH YEEAAAH ….some of my favorite band at the moment are Opeth , Exhumed , Obituary , 7 Horns 7 Eyes , Human Rejection , UGA , UGA ,UGA , Under Oath , On Solid Ground , Suffocation , Lycus , Shape Of Dispare, Epicardiectomy , Cannibal Corpse , Nile …………and a lil bit of random genre of ALL types of music ……D.N.C.E., Duran Duran , Terrance Trent Darby , Easton Corbin , 21 Savage , etc ,etc……..EVERY kind of music ,with METAL being my all time FAVORITE ….Death , Black , Slam , Funeral , Doom , Grind , Advent , Folk …..like EVERY genre of METAL , even Glam , haha……I know for sure Dax Wolford , Nicola Olick , Gino Palencia , Roland Flores , Rich Upjohn , and I think Jason Brown R.I.P. …..ALL listen to METAL !! SALUD , R and thanks for the 411 on this band , I ll check em out ! METAL and FLATALND is like……….PRETZELS and MUSTARD . They go SO well together !

    • GRACIAS , Tristan ! STOKED on THAT . Cant wait to see video of yourself , man ! I KNOW hailing from THAT scene ……judging from Obrien , Chamberlain , Watts , Thresher ……..I KNOW you MUST rip on a bike , campeon ! I look forward to ANY video footage of ya , bruv !

  3. Thank you SO much for the love , Big-E ! I so grateful for it , AND this site ! This video is a testament and a tribute to YOU , campeon ! Youve accomplished SOOOOOO damn much on your bike since 1984 till…….TODAY . This video clip is a mere hic-up to all the numerous tricks , links , and variations that you have learned , DIALED , filmed , and moved on from …..AND forgot about , haha ! Like I said , E ………..Scott Powell , his definition of the GURU status in BMX Flatland……..well……….THAT has your name all up in THAT classification of riders . Prayers going up for a quick recovery for ya…….in hopes of YOU getting ANOTHER exclusive video clip ! Im hoping ya SLLLAAAAAMMM DOWN number 61 or 62 !!!

    • Thank you , Lobotomyoctupus , ummmmmm is this Andy Menz ? Greg Overstreet ? Im VERY curious , haha ! Whoever you are….. Im stoked that this got ya AMMMMMPED to session , and hope ya had a RAD one ! Gotta give all the RESPECT to Effraim Catlow , Kerry Gatt , and Ciaran Perry for this line …….the three of em made it possible !

  4. After i watched your loooooong link i know its impossible for you to get tired from riding! Thats why you make this bike look like a toy! What is the weight of your bike and age Rodney?? I think you bike must be around 12-13 kg ?

      • Thank you , R for the mention ! That was a really fun combo , just freestyling it…..the longest that Ive done pulled and not pulled has been 1 hour and 56ish minutes straight , haha. My kicks were about ruined after those combos , haha……….dont think I ll ever to that again , haha !

    • SALUD to YOU , Sakis ! Mr. DUAL PEDAL rolling , turbine , power riding style MASTER ! Im just trying to imitate Jason Brown R.I.P. , Nathan Penonzek , Andrew Arroyo , Effraim Catlow ,and LOADS of other great riders ,who had the long link game LOCKED DOWN as far back as 1995 ! I ll let everyone guess the weight of my steed , haha…..I am 46 moons old ,though , haha !

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