Throwback Thursdays: KGB Impulsivity 2008

As we approach our 12th anniversary, let’s go back twelve years and to a video many consider the best ever done. The KGB Impulsivity featuring Martti Kuoppa, Viki Gomez and Pete Brandt, and produced by Intrikat ticks all the boxes. It’s time to watch this back, and take in the madness all over again.

This made me think did we really progress in riding, perhaps in style and flow yes. But tricks? And in this video, all the riders using brakes. Let me know your thoughts, perhaps this is a good article topic for the future?

8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays: KGB Impulsivity 2008

  1. Hey Effraim, this would be a very good article topic in my opinion! I would say the top pro’s riding looks different today, but if Viki or Martti would show those tricks in a contest today and pull them, I don’t see why they should not win. I mean the difficulty and complexity was so high that I would not say that it is less than today. It is different, as you said they used brakes… But is it a lower level? Although I am far away from that level I would say no. I had similar thought when I saw Simon O’Brien’s run that you posted some days ago. This is also full of such hard tricks that he could win every contest today with these combos (at least if he would not touch more than one time).

    • @DaddyCool – I would have to agree with you there, although it just depends on the whole run and the energy of that routine. It’s obviously not so cut and dry, as I approach 12 years of running Flatmattersonline I started to go back and reflect on articles I have done and one of the first videos I posted was the KGB video.
      I wouldn’t say any of those tricks are lower level, the hang 10 360 kick flip to halfpacker will forever be a banger in my opinion, its untouchable.
      Simon O’Brien reached that level also, particularly during his yellow ares era. There is a misconception that just because a tricks is new doesn’t make it better than an older trick. This definitely sparked a lot of private messages yesterday, and some new ideas for the site….

      • Agreed E, that newbies aren’t always better & Daddy Cool. This riding blew my mind instantly. I still watch it today sometimes.

  2. that moment at 27:42 .. the whole crowd gathered at the Circle Cow Contest 2009 for the screening, with jaws already on the floor, was screaming and jumping like crazy and asking to rewind a little bit for that moment again. That was nuts

    • Hey r whats up? I couldn’t make it that year in circle cow 2009…i was the year before that but…. I knew about that situation with the screaming for the 360 hitch bike flip by Martti from some Greeks they were there…. Magic moment! Sure now with his time saver bearings he could roll it smooth as glass if he wished it…..

    • Yeees!! I was there!! Crowd was crazy with this we were like three Greeks and chilling with The spanish crew as they were many also!! Regards to all the Circle of cow crew,riders and Pascal if course if he is reading!

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