11 thoughts on “Rodney Williams: Very Metal

  1. always great to see new footage from Rodney, dude is one of the nicest & humblest people you will ever meet, nothing but positive vibes!

    • Right back atcha , Marley . Your clean , fast rolling lines on your bike ,presence , your motivation and D.J.ing skills to the BMX Flatland scene are priceless ! You rule , Campeon………and thanks , times 7 for posting this , Effraim !

  2. Bro! Sir! I’m missin your YouTube channel. Why’s ya take her down? There was gold in there! You, Tunney, and TJ Perry are some of my favorite fellow followed garage rippers on YouTube. Huge shout out to the riders shredding those two car sized covered spaces. As you’ve demonstrated before, you the man Rodney!

    • Thank you , BZ ! I’m always stoked and appreciate your support . The respect is mutual , bruv ! Yeah , I took down took down my channel for the moment , I was just too busy at the time….we’ll see what happens with it , haha. For sure , Tunney , Perry are two garage BMX rippers that I watch also . Like you , BZ ….they’re SO skilled on their bikes ! You rule , BZ and I’ll be checking out YOUR channel for your bike riding and your BMX breakfast episodes. Both of these are so dope ! Yeah , trying get my stamina up to speed again ,getting inspiration from 1997, 1998 videos of one of Canada’s most iconic riders……Jason Brown , r.i.p. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. His combo in his video ,5 Combos ……THAT combo of his set the tone for my own riding in January of 1999 . It’s STILL ….THAT video combo to me . Thanks , again , BZ !

  3. The stamina master is back again!
    So impressive!
    Having the same bike control from the beginning to the end… looks like so easy for you, so natural…
    Congrats again Rodney, thanx! 🙂

    • Thank you , Renaud ! I appreciate the props from you , shredder ! I still believe your 2021 edit should of won the 2021 Edit Of The Year award . ( I voted for it ! ) Yeah , I try and keep it under control as best I can during the long combos . Just riding slow , trying to keep a pace and keeping it steady . I learned that from watching how Andrew Arroyo rode during some of his 1994 , 1996, combos on mutiple videos and the 1994 Oklahoma Hoffman Bikes contest that I attended , Labor Day weekend . He was so slow , controlled , smooth , and calm…….as if he was riding “Yoga ” BMX Flatland , haha. I peeped game ( really studied his riding. ) BIG TIME on that aspect of his combos ! Renaud , you’re a serious BMX Flatland Killa …… hard tricks , lines , and a furious riding style . I REALLY hope to see you drop another edit or even just ANY video footage and send it to Effraim / This site ! Merci , Jefe ! Stoked on your words !

      • Hey Rodney!
        Yeah I guess I see what you mean about the yoga flatland idea…
        And yes, this is clearly something that defines your riding, being calm, focused and controlled… but for 1, 2hours or more!.. come on, this is way beyond yoga stuffs man… your body and mind have reached another realm I guess… you’re rad!
        Anyway your riding is brillant and outstanding!

        And thank you for your vote by the way! I’m not so much into contest stuffs but I really appreciate your attention!.. 🙂
        Have a great day my friend!

    • Reggie ! Thank you so much , man ! Taking the time to even watch one of my combos means alot to me , seriously ! I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to do that . Whether in sections , however you do it ….THANK YOU . I remember when I first saw videos , contests of Jason Brown , r.i.p. , Andrew Arroyo , Gernot Ibouing , Effraim Catlow , Leo Dumlao , etc…..doing long combos in 1994 ,1995 ,1998 , 1997……I’d be glued to the T.V. screen . ( V.H.S. tapes , haha ) just watching every second of all their combos , STOKED , with a smile , thinking …..” I wanna ride my bike like…..THAT ! ” So I really appreciate that , bruv ..you rule , sir and I’m eager to see you send some of your riding to this site / Effraim . Don’t you have a Vimeo channel riding a Blue frame doing all those brakeless Smith -foot jam-decades outta boomerang -Tischman style-rang lines ??! Thank you , again , Reggie !

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