3 thoughts on “Old School Sundays with Perry Mervar

  1. Rad to see this again. Some surprises in here, just when i thought the combo was over, bam – back into it! Thanks for posting!

  2. Yeah so sick. Always crazy he didnt ride longer. Perry doom is amazing, and i have always loved inside x foot sideglide. Never realized perry was left foot scuffer left foot glide foot.

  3. I’d have to say this might be my favorite Mervar section . Left cross -K ,swing around to left cross staple gun . Fire pinks ,catch to cross Lung spin . Whiplashes to neanderthal to oppy whiplash , catch to Grasso screamer. ( no handed ! ) Cross locomotive roll . Backwards nose manual to no footed . Long nose manual . Perry just freestyling like crazy ! Looks like he was just riding casually …….exactly like Jason Brown in the first Canadians, Eh video ( 1990 .) Had no idea that Perry even rode for S@M bike company back then. ( stoked on that ! ) I’m digging this . Thanks for posting , Big-E , this SLLLLLAAAAAMMMS . ( meaning it’s a REALLY good video part. ) I have even more recommendations for O.S.S., Effraim .( like loads more , ha. )

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