7 thoughts on “Romulo Guerra: Europe 2019

  1. Thank you bro, Iam glad to hear this from you, I point my finger to sky and always say thanks God. This is my way to be thankfull for God give me the “strength” to keep riding.

    • Some people are pointing when they miss someone… I believe in God so much and facing the sky makes sense to me also and it matters… Respect for your riding and your attitude Romulo… God bless you.

  2. Agreed with you , Giannis ! I knew this edit was gonna be crazy SEEEEZZZZZED OUT with some HAMMER FLOWING links , just based on the quality lines that he posts on his Instagram , haha……….DAMN , Im all about this edit ! Romulo gives me that Nathan Penonzek kinda vibe , the way he just FLOOOOWS his long combos , with technically difficult pivots ,and switches thrown in throughout each front AND back wheel link !! Like his double foot steam pivot to pedal steam , then dropped , BOTH feet hitting those pegs , landing in a crack packer , mid-line !! STOKED hes getting out across the pond more to really showcase his riding . First combo ! People walking by IN HIS WAY……..he WASNT even fazed , KEPT flowing his line / PULLED IT !! This edit is like BANG , BOOM , POW, haha….combo , after combo , after combo , just working both ends of his bike , in full control , TOTALLY full stop , no less ! Gracias , Romulo , and the dude who filmed him for this edit . It made my morning before work ! Giannis , Im guessing he pointing to Jesus ?? Being that hes pointing to the sky ? Im not sure , bruv . I DO know that he REALLY banged some dope lines in this though , TIMES 7 ………..

  3. Also thanks for your words Rodney, you know explain my combos better than me, hahaha its fun to read yeah i point my finger and say (Thanks God = obrigado Deus), Mizael did this edit, you can follow him on instagram to see his good combos, he does very good edits, he is the brother that flatland gave me

  4. Parabéns Rômulo Guerra eu tive a oportunidade de ver seu início e ver esse vídeo mostra o como vc evoluiu não tenho nem palavras para dizer o quanto admiro sua dedicação pelo esporte, eu sem muito bem também das dificuldades que vc enfrentou em muitos aspectos lembro quando procuramos lugar para treinar ou como era difícil conseguir uma peça para a bike.
    Te desejo tudo de bom, reconhecimento, realização e alegria.

    Mais uma vez parabéns vc merece.

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