Hungary historically has produced some of the best riders in the European flatland scene, Fulop Vidakovich follows in the steps laid down by OG Martin, Adam Kun, Denes Katona the list goes on… This new edit put together by Sevisual, shows Fulop’s tricktionary, and there is real depth to his skills on the front and back wheel. Hit play!

10 thoughts on “FÜLÖP VIDAKOVICH – 2020

  1. such a joy watching him ride! I met him 7 years ago on the herosquare when he was practising peg manuals and he have come so far with a fresh touch to his ridingstyle and orignality!

  2. Just go add to your list E…

    Great video by the way Fulop! Definitely following in the footsteps of the Hungarian legends by having a strong foundation of tricks and not just doing what is cool.

  3. Damn right ya hit PLAY , Big -E !! As you stated SO much depth in his tricktionary , BOTH wheels included ! First time watching this ….I was just shocked , haha . Its like every line he going through has you on the edge of your seat, wondering just where he gonna go all over his bike ! Like Degroot , Marton , Meyer , yourself , Giannis , Gouin , Jones , White , etc ,etc…….he seems like he out to learn every / anything ! Not to mention SLLLAAAAMMMING DOWN some original twist and techniques of his own . I swear bruv , like I already stated….. EVERY line had me STOKED and guessing . TOP guy , for sure . ANOTHER elite rider representing Budapest AND riders with DEEP bags of tricks under their belts . If there were a……. riders with a TRICKTIONARY of high level stuff category, on this site ……..every time Fulop drops an edit…….he would get THAT tag EVERY single time…………

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